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An Infestation of the Enemy

I will finally weigh in on a highly contested issue among the student body: the squirrels. I hate them. So much. They are everywhere, lurking in the bushes, the garbage cans, they scream from the trees. Those screams haunt my nightmares. And let’s be perfectly frank, squirrels are rodents rife with disease. I have looked the enemy in the eyes. Those beady black eyes with nothing behind them.

This squirrel clearly has no shame. It’s like showing up to a buffet with your own bib.

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Internships, because WHAT IS SUMMER?

Ah, gotta love April. spring is kind of in the air, I guess. But, with the countdown to summer comes the search for an internship. At EC you can do an internship through the school for credit, or on your own for experience/networking. As a rising junior, I want as many connections as possible so instead of working at the mall (which is just as great) I’m opting for an internship 5 Reasons why unpaid internships can be better than paid jobs (non-major related) Connections to people in your field of study can help you land a permanent …read more

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Alright. Midterms are finally over. Finally, finally over.

One bio lab practical, one chem quiz, a chem exam, bio exam, and statistics exam later, I am finally DONE. But of course, “there ain’t no rest for the wicked,” so another quiz next week. Heavy sigh.

But anyway, a quick update on life:

Classes are going well, hard with a lot of work, but going well.

Dance is ALSO going well. We have the COOLEST Finale for our Showcase ever. It is circus themed and there are jugglers and muscle men and crazy lifting people. It will be awesome. Like seriously. …read more

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Library Life

To be entirely honest, about half the reason I picked Elmhurst is because of how close it is to Chicago, one of my favorite cities ever. And I have definitely taken advantage of that proximity.

I took the Honors section of The Great Libraries of Chicago in J-Term and it has led to one of the best experiences of my life, my internship. Our last assignment was to go to a library on our own and make a presentation to the class, and I went to the German cultural center, the D.A.N.K Haus and their library, the Koegel Bibliothek. I …read more

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First-Second Semester

There is a difference in the way I approached my first and second semester. In my first semester of college, I was all about making connections. Big Questions and First Year Seminar bombarded every freshman all Elmhurst had to offer. In Big Questions, students are meeting more than 500 new faces and interacting with most of them during activities, residence hall meetings, and break time. It’s hard not to make a network of friends right away and start expanding. Even after Big Questions, several programs of the college like the Center for Professional Excellence, the Niebuhr Center, and the Patterson …read more

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One Year Older: College Birthdays

It is my 19th birthday tomorrow, and usually around this time of month I would start to get really excited – I would think about what gifts I want to ask for from my parents, what restaurant I want to go eat at with my family, and how I’m going to celebrate with all of my friends.

But now that I’m in college, it seems as if the opportunities that I was accustomed to on my birthday in previous years, have disappeared. Since I’m living at school, I won’t be meeting my family for dinner unless they wanted to make the …read more

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Habitat for Humanity – Not Just a House, a Home

I couldn’t have wished for a better spring break. Rather than staying at home and spending all of my free time constantly sleeping, eating, and avoiding all homework, I decided to involve myself to service and the greater good. Before my spring break trip to Louisiana with Habitat for Humanity, I knew that this experience would benefit others who were in need, but I didn’t think that it would change my values as a person. This trip really opened my eyes to the poverty that still exists in this world and how we can help make a difference. …read more

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Sophomore Year Reflections…

Hey buddies Sup? Hope you’ve had a grand week! I’ve been MIA lately, seeing as school was super hectic this past month. Can we talk about how college flies? Putting it into perspective, I graduate college at 21 and I’ll be turning 20 in about 2 months. WOW. I remember graduating high school just yesterday. I still feel so new at college, yet I’m closing in on my Sophomore year before my eyes. It’s bittersweet; sophomore year is both cool and awkward. You’re not the new kid on the block and the glitter and glam of college has faded away. …read more

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Is It Really?!


SNOWING???!!! Is it really? No way!

I love snow! Isn’t it the prettiest season of all? The white snow as delicate as elegant; the trees dressed up with long white dresses like if they just got married, and snowmen ohhh I love to see those little boys all over the front yards after a snowstorm. They look so cute with their little hat, their scarf around their fatty neck, their harmless little eyes looking at the little kids that stop to smile and this funny carrot trying to be a long sharp nose.

-Are you kidding me?

Yes!! Just in case …read more

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Spring break ranting

Alright, alright. I haven’t been on in quite awhile. How sad but don’t cry! I’m back I’ve been ridiculously busy with housing, midterms, and all things Elmhurst but it’s SPRING BREAAAAAAK. #turnup? I hope everyone has had a decent beginning to spring this SB I went home to Atlanta, Ga to see my family, since I haven’t been back since summer. I’d love to give SB tips but I’ve never spent break in the ‘hurst. But, whoever you are I hope you’re enjoying yours! If it already happened, I hope it was BOMB. I have so …read more

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Spring is Coming! Also Some Advice.

Spring break is among us! As I am writing this currently there are two days left before the elusive and short spring break.

I did well on my Chemistry exam, Bio quiz and Bio lab practical, which means I don’t have to study for any more tests for the rest of the week! Coming back, the first Tuesday is our huge Bio test on plants, so that’ll be fun……………….. Just kidding. I actually think biology is really interesting. I honestly have a new appreciation for it. Plants are actually really complex. Unfortunately, the invertebrates, which is next on the agenda, …read more

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Spring Break is Calling my Name

SPRING BREAK!!! It’s finally time for another break from school. There comes a time when you just can’t bare to focus on homework, studying, or reading any longer—now is that time. I cannot explain how “schooled out” I am right now. The only things that motivated me this last semester were caffeine and my friends. You were always able to find me in the cafe drinking coffee, in the Frick center buying coffee, and in the Roost, most likely purchasing some sort of energy drink or Pepsi with caffeine.

My theory is, who needs sleep when you have caffeine to keep …read more

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Juggling Fiends – Part 1

Wow, quite a lot has happened. Okay, not really, but enough to make a post about it.

I learned how to juggle! Woo! Drew, the President and Founder of the Juggling Club at Elmhurst and my friend is seriously awesome and a great teacher. My roommate and I both learned how to juggle, and here’s a video to prove it!

It seriously is a blast. In other news, tomorrow is Pi Day! So that means nerdy math jokes and dessert which sounds like a good plan to me.

The past couple of days I’ve been going into the bio lab …read more

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IGNITE Cultural Retreat 2014

The I.G.N.I.T.E. Intercultural retreat was an eye-opening experience. It was a weekend in Oregon, IL with Elmhurst College students from various backgrounds and interest groups who shared their stories, beliefs, and dreams. All was for the idea of embracing diversity and it’s benefits to the college campus. We delved into why we felt that the campus isn’t benefiting fully from the diversity already and devised plans for awareness.

Board members of the World Language Club, Black Student Union (BSU), H.A.B.L.A.M.O.S., and Asian Club of Elmhurst (ACE) were in attendance. Other groups in the retreat included members from the Presidential …read more

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Quite a tiring couple weeks it has been.

After that week of tests I thought I might be able to rest a bit but nope, it’s full force at Elmhrust College. If you’re a science major, there’s really no such thing as rest. I won’t bore you with the logistics of it all but it is a lot of work.

Some recent updates:

  • - My friend Drew has started a Juggling Club here on campus and it is really awesome! I actually learned how to juggle! It’s really fun and he’s a great teacher. I’m not that good but my room …read moreFrom: A Compilation of Contemplations