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Checking in …. Break!

Hey there cuties,


This post isn’t super fancy or filled with fab advice (let’s be real…you totes take my advice, I know!) just a simple check in. It’s break until J-term…grades are looking good…and I’m in SWEET HOME ATLANTA! I know, I know I always give advice about what to do when away from home and I never talk about being home. I promise, I do have a home :)… Read More from A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Frick Center

AP Courses Saves!

What would have happened if I had taken all AP courses available to me in high school? I would have more flexibility in my college studies!


Holidays when you’re away

Are you currently attending EC and live out of state? Are you a future bluejay living outside of the Elmhurst area and worried you’ll be alone for the holidays? NO WORRIES!

Holidays without immediate family can be a little weird at first, but you can make your own little family while away :) here are some ways to cope with being away from home on holidays like Thanksgiving: …Read more from A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Frick Center

Stress is in the AIR



Turkey day is around the corner and it’s also FINALS SEASON OH MY GOD SOMEONE PLEASE HELP. This is the best and arguably the worst time of the year. Fortunately, I only have 2 cumulative finals and 1 paper, while the rest are just tests that count as finals. I think I am finally coming to terms with graduating early because it means FEWER FINALS FOR ME. It’s easy to get stressed out but if you’re reading this and you’re a future or a current bluejay I have some pretty decent tips for you: … Read more from A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Frick Center.


An Adult!?

I am 10 days away from being a teenager. That is INSANE!


My birthday, November 28th, Black Friday, the day I no longer have a 1 at the start of my age. That is so scary, don’t you think?


Anyways, I have been SUPER busy with classes so here are some quick updates: … Read More from A Compilation of Contemplations




Greek life at its Finest – King of Hearts!

One thing that I love about Greek life is that all of the different sororities and fraternities on campus are able to come together as one, and help raise money for their specific philanthropy in such fun, unique, and different ways. I personally am a member of Alpha Phi sorority and our philanthropy helps fundraise for Women’s Cardiac Health. Last night, we had one of our philanthropy events, King of Hearts, that helped raise money for our philanthropy… Read More from Dancing Through Life




OMGGGG. I realized I graduate …. EARLY. Oh no! This was so fast. So soon. Upon finding out I will be departing my dear Elmhurst a semester earlier than planned, I panicked! Then of course my parents said there was nothing to panic about. Every student has the relief of getting OUT but then that brief moment of a light heart attack occurs when you realize it’s actually happening…. Read More from A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Frick Center


Happy Halloween!

I hope you all had a wonderful Halloween!


I had a great time. My friend from high school invited me to a viewing of the musical Chicago at the Auditorium Theatre at Roosevelt University on Halloween downtown. There was a mock speakeasy where everyone dressed up in their best flapper 20’s garb with a cabaret singer and prizes for best costume! … Read More from A Contemplation of Compilations


Yik Yak at Elmhurst College

The newest social media trend on campus: Yik Yak

One night after Poms practice, I was sitting in the library with a few of my friends attempting to get some homework done, when everyone starts talking about this new app called Yik Yak. Immediately I was interested because everyone was hysterically laughing at their phones and I was missing out on all of the fun. Unfortunately, I didn’t really get much homework finished that night because this new Yik Yak app had pretty much preoccupied the rest of the night…. Read More from Dancing Through Life

BOT: Student Life

Being a student at a small liberal arts college allows you to interact more easily with people in high positions. Having met with the then-president Alan Ray in his office hours, being a student representative in the Board of Trustees (BOT) Investment (2013) and Student Life (present) committees – I overcame the nervous feeling of talking to people with higher profiles… Read More from In the Shoes of Ralph De La Cruz


Friday = Monday

It is currently 12:55am on “Friday night”, technically speaking Saturday morning. My friends think I am completely insane that I have decided to stay in the last three Friday nights to work on homework. Right after I get off at work at 2:00pm, I head right over to the Elmhurst Pubic Library to start at least SOME of the homework I have due next week. Then, I come back to my room… Read More from Dancing Through Life


Homecoming 2014

Happy homecoming 2014!


I am so excited! We had such awesome fun stuff going on this week. The theme is “Bluejays Gone Wild” and there were exotic animals in the Frick Center!

Including this guy! She was super heavy but it was really awesome holding her. … Read More from A Compilation of Contemplations


Dance Team Performance

Hello everyone!


It’s been a busy couple of weeks! The dance team performed their first number on Saturday and it went great! The video was too large to upload but I can put up some pictures!


I’m so glad to work with these girls on the team, and I love the atmosphere the team has! We are all just getting to know each other but dancing in the freezing cold wind and rain with one layer of pants and a tank-top-like costume, brings people together like you would not believe. … Read More from A Compilation of Contemplations


Next Stop – CHICAGO!

Up until this last weekend, I never really took advantage of the fact that Elmhurst is actually very close to downtown Chicago. This might be surprising, considering that I am now a sophomore and I had an entire freshman year to visit Chicago, but I guess I never really had much of a need to leave Elmhurst. There is always something I find to do on the weekends, even if it is just hanging out in the dorms with some friends or taking a walk to downtown Elmhurst… Read More from Dancing Through Life

All That I’ve Got

Hello everyone! For my English class, we did a song analysis paper where we critiqued the rhetorical devices and imagery used in a song and music video. The Used, my favorite band, has an amazing song called “All That I’ve Got,” one of my favorite songs. Today, September 29th is the ten year anniversary of this album, “In Love and Death’s release! Here is my analysis paper for anyone who is interested!… Read More from A Compilation of Contemplations