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First Leap

The first week of summer I participated in a program the college and the Center for Professional Excellence sponsors called the First Leap program.

It is a great chance for job shadowing and networking opportunities. Because I am Pre-Pharmacy I was able to shadow a Convalescent Center and Walgreens retail pharmacy. It was really fun!

At the Center I was able to help refill prescriptions and label new ones for the in patients. I also got to fill up a big machine that packs pills in long strips for patients who take pills daily. I did paperwork that the regular …read more

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Goodbye until next year! SUMMER

Well, I am officially a sophomore. It’s crazy to think how fast this year flashed right before my eyes. It seems like just yesterday that I was moving into Niebuhr hall, trying out for the Poms team, and meeting a bunch of new people at freshman orientation.

It’s actually pretty depressing to think about how fast everything went by this year. I don’t know if anything will be able to top my freshman year experience, or at east nothing will be similar to it. This year was the year to test out the waters – figure out what Elmhurst is all …read more

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Summer is here!

Finals are done, I’m all packed up to go home, and today is the last day on campus until the fall. I cannot wait!
On Monday I cut off 14 inches of my hair to donate to locks of love, so that was exciting! One of my best friends from grammar and high school who is a stylist cut my hair and it looks so fabulous.
This last week has been what the “stereotypical” college idea is thought to be. After my first two finals on Tuesday, my day had consisted of a lot of lounging on the Mall in the …read more

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Ways To Be More Happy :)

I was going to write how to deal with stress but I figured everyone becomes stressed but not everyone becomes happy. The last chapter covered in my Introduction to Psychology course was emotion, stress, and health. Our emotions, stress, and health can have an impact on our everyday lives and our relationships with other people.

How do we become happier? Well, happiness is a choice. What you decide to do will have an impact on your emotions. Love what you do and do what you love! You should not consider that your end goal would bring you the happiness you expect, …read more

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Thinking about the Future…Maybe OVERthinking

How am I going to be a teacher if I am always so nervous for presentations? This is my biggest dilemma lately. I am only a freshman, but I am completely positive that education is the major for me. Right now I’m in special education, which I am not completely sure about, but I know that I am going down the right path. I can’t imagine going into any other profession other than education.

But lately I’ve been noticing how nervous I get during class when I need to participate and present projects, especially this last semester. I didn’t really notice …read more

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Last Day of Classes!


Finally, the end of the semester has come! ….Almost. At least classes are over. Too many tests and too many hours wasted calculating what I need to get on the final to get A’s for the rest of the semester.

I have about 7 hours of bio lecture to re-listen to. And an art project to finish. And chemistry and stats to study for. Dear lord.

Unfortunately, that means I don’t have a lot of time for a long blog today.

Another thing that is new, I got an award for being a good First Year Chemistry Student or …read more

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WOW. It’s almost OVER

Greetings! I’ve been MIA for awhile, my loves. Sorry for that. The year is winding down, finals week has begun (for music majors, that is) and we have a week and half left of school. As you can see, spilling the tea about EC life has had to be shelved so I can manage the plethora of projects and papers. This time of year is so hectic but not. You don’t have A TON going on, but then again you do. AND MOVING OUT IS THE WORST. If I could point out the single most nerve …read more

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Beautiful Day!

The sun was shining! The breeze was blowing! I even wore a dress today!

I just wanted to have a quick update on today.

It was sooo fun. I have friends now! Amazzzinnggg!

Today I went to Juggling Club while hanging out with a few of my close friends on the Mall. The Mall is such a great place to be when it’s really nice outside. I can’t wait for summer! So we juggled outside while doing dance lifts on the mall. We did cartwheels and choreographed to dances too! We also had a great time just talking and hanging …read more

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May Flowers?

Hello everyone!

Quite a semester it has been. I can’t believe my first year of college is almost already over! A lot has happened within the last couple weeks, and I’ve been super busy.

So last week was our Dance Team Showcase. I hope some of you went out to see it and enjoyed it! It was really a lot of fun, and even though it was crazy I can’t wait to do it again! That being said, I also was elected Co-Captain of the team for next year which is great! I am really excited. I hope to see …read more

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That Costume Crew Lyfe

This weekend I helped out one of my closest friends on campus in the costume shop for Mill Theatre’s upcoming musical Dames at Sea. She is an incredibly valuable asset for the costume shop, so naturally she brought me, a goofy world-class friend embarrasser with some hand sewing experience, probably to remind everyone how great she is.

Since I was (surprise) an exceedingly weird kid, I used to sew clothes for my stuffed animals. They were truly ghastly frayed garments that have fortunately been lost to the sands of time. Because, of course, I was forced to teach myself how …read more

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Just a Minor Problem

I began the year adamant that I was going to minor in philosophy. I already had credit from a local community college that I dual enrolled in. I love the subject because I’m a big fan of thinking, I do it almost every day. But my black hole of a heart was aching for history classes.

Disclaimer: I am on track to graduate a year early, so every class counts. I would totally double minor, but that would put me off track. And, let’s be honest, a double minor (or whatever you minor in, actually) doesn’t mean a whole lot …read more

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Freshman 15 Go Away!

I’ve come to the conclusion that it is nearly impossible to not gain weight while in college, especially if you live on campus. There are so many different kinds of greasy, fatty, sweet foods that so easily bribe me in. For example, let’s talk about the roost. If you want a late night snack, you automatically make your way over to the roost. Except the only foods that seem to interest me are the foods that I should try to be avoiding… I just can’t stay away from the CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES, peach rings, apple rings, and mozzarella sticks! I …read more

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One More Week!

Ahh! One more week until it is time for the showcase!

Once again April 25th and 26th, 7pm in the chapel, free for EC students, $5 for general admission.

I would love to see you all there! We have all been working so hard. I have literally danced every single day for the last two weeks, including 6ams. Ahh!

I have been running around like a crazy person all week cause of all the practices and no sleep and stuff. So here is a quick update thus far:

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I Heart Chicago

As Buddy the Elf would say, “I’m in love and I don’t care who knows it!” But instead of Zooey Deschanel, I’m in love with Chicago. Like I have professed in previous posts, Chicago is my favorite city. I try to explore as much as I can. My internship at the German cultural center’s library allows me to get into the city twice a week. The neighborhood I frequent (or as I like to say half-jokingly, half-dead seriously, my ‘hood), Ravenswood, is the German neighborhood in Chicago. I’m right next to a great little center called Lincoln Square. …read more

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Should You Start Studying For Your Final Now?

As of April 16th 2014, there are 35 days left until my first final exam. I have always struggled in comprehensive final exams. I realized it is impossible to recuperate materials learned in 16 weeks (multiply all that information by 4 for four courses). Spring break ended two weeks ago and results from second exams were returned a little more than a week ago, but I feel that it is just the right time to start going over the contents of the first six chapters.

I’m probably going to study during any free time I have after this week. I …read more

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