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Bluejays, As my time as an EC student comes to a close, I want to share some thoughts. graduation is scary. Don’t do it. Just stay forever. I know that’s not possible, but you’ll hate leaving…at least I do. Getting ready to end my collegiate experience feels heart shredding. When I look peers in the the eye, I just re-live all the memories; good and bad. I know that all those experiences have shaped my time here at Elmhurst. It’s easy to just go to college, but when you make your college apart of your life, it’s so hard to let go. Think about that when you start, think about that when you feel like quitting, think about that when Read More »

The Realities of a Student Leader

GoOoOoOd Morning Bluejays!   As I’m sitting here anxiously awaiting the end of my Thursday so I can lay back in my bed, I want to share with you some realities of being THAT student. Involved, academically strong, socially active… all the attributes one would expect of an involved leader on campus. Do NOT get me wrong, my college experience has been ULTIMATE. I love being a leader both organizationally and socially. But, I must warn you, the stress and lack of sleep can really cut into your well-being. The truth is, you spend a lot of time worrying about if things will go the way you need them too (if you’re a perfectionist) because as a leader you want Read More »

2015 Student Laureate

BLUEJAYS!   I really truly do not like bragging and boasting and do like to take my awards in silence, but I’m learning to accept compliments and be a little more proud, versus “ashamed”. I’d like to share that I am the 2015 Elmhurst College Student Laureate. The Student Laureate is 1 senior from every 4 year institution who exemplifies civic engagement through extra curricular activities and, scholastic excellence while doing so. Only one student per school? THAT’S INSANE. I was extremely shocked and humbled when I received the letter.   I want to say I would never in a million years dream of being chosen, but I know that it was not all from me. So many breathtaking, insightful, Read More »


Hello there bluejays!   Sorry for the hiatus! It’s senior year already? Can you believe I was a SOPHOMORE when I started blogging? Fun, fun ride. It’s bittersweet as I come closer to graduating in December, and becoming a real adult. I’ve had some amazing memories and learning moments here at EC. I honestly cannot imagine myself anywhere else; I’m not sure if I would’ve grown into the woman I am if I went to another school. I’ll share my top 5 EC memories that’ll be sure to make you laugh, cry, and maybe scream? One for every year, then some ;) Stay tuned!   Love,   Tate.

Summer in LA

Hello Lovelies!   So sorry for the long hiatus; I’ve been so captivated by my studies and summer internship and I haven’t had much time to sit down and talk with you! Ready for the 411 future and current Bluejays? Well, finals ended with stress as you can imagine. How’d I finish? 3.4 GPA! Not too bad considering Junior year is one of the hardest ones. I’m interning in LA with Hidden Beach Recordings, focusing on marketing and artist relations type of stuff. It’s fun! New projects everyday and not. The city itself is VERY packed, my friends. Traffic, Traffic, TRAFFIC. If you thought for one second it couldn’t get any worse than Chicago, please think again. PLEASE.   My Read More »

Staying Healthy at the ‘Hurst

What’s up cuties?   So, here’s the thing: being healthy in college can be HARD. The food on any campus is not *always* the most health conscious, and if you are like me you do not like added sugars, excessive salt, and ingredients you cannot pronounce. It can be easy to put health on the back burner since you’re focused on classes, finals, passing, and graduating. The hard that you have to simply force yourself to make your health a habit.   I know it is the college culture to pull all nighters and eat ramen, but those things have consequences when you get older, friends. Lack of sleep can cause obesity, heart disease, poor immune function, depression, hunger, and Read More »


So….   There is throwback post about why internships are great and a gift from God, all that good stuff. After a whopping 19 applications…NINETEEN…I have a few tips. From experience. Prepare yourself Apply to as many as possible – Careful to not apply to too many in the same circle. that may or may not be the best advice but after applying for several competitors, it just became a little sticky. Spread out a bit. 2 or 3 competitors is OK. Anymore than that and it could get messy. But either way cast a wide net so that the probability of a response is greater. PAY ATTENTION TO DETAIL – Can I just tell you I adressed a cover Read More »

What’s Your Take?

Helloooo current and future bluejays!   Of course this is a post about the Oscars. Why not? I only saw bits and pieces of it due to homework, but what were you surprised by? (Looking at you, Gaga) what didn’t surprise you? (Hello John Legend). What’d you like? Can we just talk about the REALNESS in John Legend’s speech?! MAN. Drop your comments and thoughts below!

Leadership 101

hello lovelies!   So, if you have been following the bloggers you may notice that leadership is a “thing” on campus; One wouldn’t be shocked to find out that every other student has multiple leadership roles on campus. From greek life, to honor societies, cultural organizations and everything in between. Why is leading in organization or on campus important?   1. Growth: you learn SO much about yourself , and have the chance to become the best version of YOU. Being a great leader is humbling.   2. Communication skills: as a leader you learn how to communicate more effectively, and your ability to “people” (haha it’s a verb now) sharpens. You learn  more about how people work, and how Read More »

My Elmhurst Experience

hey there!   So I realize I talk about my experiences at Elmhurst but not my Elmhurst Experience. Yes they are different :) As my time here is coming to a close (in 9 months OH MY) I reflect on how grateful I am for an environment that challenges me to question my world view, what I stand for, and who I want to be.   I have had a ton of laughs, a few teary nights, and some anguish filled moments figuring all of those things out. While I’m nowhere near done with my discoveries, I have made a pretty big dent so far. The professors and especially the administration have been significant pieces in my self discovery, too. Read More »

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