What’s up with working while in college?

Good morning!  So, as I am writing this, I’m scrambling to get ready for work. I work in retail in the Elmhurst area near the school. I never worked in high school, and don’t really have to now, but I thought I would give it shot. HELLO SHOE MONEY. I got hired as a seasonal employee (Bring on the Black Friday stampede….FUN) and it’s really good money. If you’re debating on working as a student, especially in jobs that are not on campus, or mainly filled with college students (Such as the public library), here are some benefits and things to consider to help you out! Disclaimer: This is not useful when applying to internship or Major related job choices that are necessary for graduation, learning requirements, or for your major! 


1. The money can supplement your leisurely expenses, books, or tuition.

It’s nice to have extra money to go out with friends or buy that new jacket you saw downtown. Having a job in college (It’s a little different than having one in high school, I hear…who knows) teaches you to respect your money and be responsible.


2. You get to network more and meet new friends

Some of my coworkers even graduating from EC, and despite our age differences at work we still have super good times off the clock. Who doesn’t want friends?


3. Professional experience

Now that you’re an “adult” you don’t get special accommodations at work and are expected to be on top of things like everyone else. You get a feel for a demanding job and are able to use the experience on resumes, or as learning tool for other, future jobs.


4. You need to find balance with your studies

Having a job is great, but not every job will be considerate of your educational journey, (hence you need to be on top of everything) so saying you have an exam or paper might not fly. I personally decided to leave my work position for the upcoming spring semester, as the classes I chose are a bit harder and require a lot of attention. If you can afford it, maybe hold off working until you get the hang of study habits and solid schedule of your semester s far as hanging with friends, organizations, and school stuff.  It’s not worth the “C”, I promise.


5. It’s tiring!

Oh my gosh, I am always so tired! Most college students work nights and weekends, on top of school work and organizations. That extra 3 hours you have between classes for a nap? NOPE. It’s dedicated to homework or more work. Especially since no one is willing to work late nights, most places know college students can.


6. It’s a definitely a tough choice

While at work, I realized that this is the FIRST year I won’t spend all of winter break with my family. Ouch. I don’t have to work, which is great because my parents are so supportive and Elmhurst has really helped me to afford my education. It’s okay if you can’t work…you should enjoy not having to worry about anything but school (for the most part) as long as you can! You don’t get these 4 years back.