NYE if you’re OOS (Out Of State)

Hello world,

I hope you’re warm…can we just marvel at the fact that it is as cold here as it is in Antarctica? I can’t even fathom, friends. But any who, HAPPY NEW YEAR! The best part about the new year is that while everyone is going back into the routine of school, Elmhurst students have more options to choose from: a class, study abroad, stay home, vacation…whatever you want! I mean, we get out a little later than other schools but we aren’t going to speak of that :) Here are a few tips on what you could do on NYE if you, like myself are an out of state student and can’t go home


1. Have your family visit! 

My mom came from Atlanta and spent about 3 weeks with me. For Christmas we drove to see my Grandparents, then came back for NYE festivities. Then of course on NYE we went out to dinner in the snow tundra and went to bed early. I know, such party animals.


2. Visit friends who live near Elmhurst

There are some students you’ll find who don’t live too far, and many of my sorority sisters and classmates offered a place to stay to me since I couldn’t go home, how thoughtful! So many people are willing, especially because there are not a great number of out of state students. Friend holidays are always fun


3. Catch up on some hobbies you missed out on during the semester

This may sound odd, but perhaps you could have a calm evening of crafting, Netflix binging, reading, dancing, cleaning…whatever your heart desires. Not everyone likes to go out and be in the busy chaos that is NYE. Bring in the new year doing something you love :)


4. Spend it with someone new!

Proceed this one with caution, because new friendships are overwhelming on their own without added holiday chaos. Maybe you saw someone at the library last week and had a great convo? Ask what she/he has planned. I’ve found that my co-workers were a ¬†great source of plans if I were bored, and those are people most of us don’t get incredibly close to, so I suppose you can call them “new”.


5. Whatever you do, choose to be..

HAPPY. Choose to have a good time and choose something that will interest you :) Of course you don’t need a holiday to have fun, but doing what makes you happy always seems to mean more when it’s during the holidays.


Stay warm, folks!