Returning from Europe!

Why hello all,


I have returned and have settled comfortably from Europe. OMG IT WAS THE COOLEST EXPERIENCE EVER. I just want to tell anyone reading that seeing the world is possible! Certainly, at least, for EC students, of course. The amount of history, culture, and communication skills I learned studying abroad was exponential compared to sitting in the classroom, I must admit.


Going abroad widened my perspective on the world, but it also brought my own culture and race into another perspective. Elmhurst is growing every year in its diversity, and being a student of color is a unique experience. I got to be myself in another light, and it felt amazing. I was able to see myself through the eyes of others in a completely different way than I usually do in the United States and it blew my mind. If any student is considering studying abroad, DO IT! Perhaps test it out with a J-term course before a full year or semester, but ether way it is such a valuable experience. I can’t really describe it all in a post without being too loquacious, but if anyone would like to ask any questions feel free! :) Pictures are coming soon, promise. My camera cord broke :(