15 Things You Should Know About European Culture

1. Water sparkles. All the time.

2. You must request non-carbonated water. See #1

3. Mayo is a condiment for fries…FRIES.

4. It takes about $1.50 to make 1 Euro. Save up!

5. The diversity of culture across the countries changes depending on each country’s history. It’s fascinating.

6. What is a car?

7. Manners are a greatly valued, even with strangers.

8. College is free…kind of :)

9. Meals are VERY important. With that said, fast food is rare.

10. Welfare is VERY popular, and is not given out based on income. It’s literally for everyone. fun political fact.

11. There are specific taxes to have kids. This makes #8 possible.

12. Public bathrooms cost. Always.

13. Meal accommodation is not common. If it’s on the menu, that’s how it comes!

14. Sexual orientation and sex in general is not a taboo.

15. Coke is made with REAL SUGAR. You simply must taste the difference…amazing!