Valentine’s Day For Single College Students XOXOXO

Valentine’s day is in ONE WEEK… So, you’re single…and in college. Totally not bad! But, this time of year the biggest question of all is…“What are you doing for valentine’s day?”  Hmm huh well hmmm AWKWARD right? … WRONG. Show yourself some love!

Here are a few things you can do Valentine’s Day in Elmhurst if you’re not 1/2 of a disgustingly cute couple ;)


Courage For Cupcakes (Downtown Elmhurst) – Cutest cupcake place ever!  Treat yourself to some treats, friends


There you have it, my fellow [future] Bluejays. Now you have no excuse. If you aren’t single, have a great time! Remember to be safe at night, enjoy your night responsibly, and remember the value of that day is not candy and dates, but the valuable time spent with others we care about!