Spring break ranting

Alright, alright. I haven’t been on in quite awhile. How sad :( but don’t cry! I’m back :)


I’ve been ridiculously busy with housing, midterms, and all things Elmhurst but it’s SPRING BREAAAAAAK. #turnup! I hope everyone has had a decent beginning to spring this SB I went home to Atlanta, Ga to see my family, since I haven’t been back since summer. I’d love to give SB tips but I’ve never spent break in the ‘hurst. But, wherever you are I hope you’re enjoying yours! If it already happened, I hope it was BOMB.


I have so much to say and I’m not sure where to start, friends. First off, midterms are killer! Future college students, spring break is a love hate time of year. You LOVE it because it’s a break…but you HATE it because that’s an indication of spring midterm season. It’s also a shorter semester due to J term sooooooo you only have 1.5 months.

Sur la bright side (parlez vous Francais? ‘sur la’ is French for ‘on the’), that also means we have 1.5 months left …YASSSSSSS. I cannot believe how fast it goes by. Friends, college FLIES. I remember graduating from high school yesterday, and now I’m turning 20 and will be a junior. Stop the clock! Where did time go?

Anywho… I will b sure to post some pics of beautiful Atlanta in like …a day. I’ve been inside all day long. How sad…


until next time,