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Internships, because WHAT IS SUMMER?

Ah, gotta love April. spring is kind of in the air, I guess. But, with the countdown to summer comes the search for an internship. At EC you can do an internship through the school for credit, or on your own for experience/networking. As a rising junior, I want as many connections as possible so instead of working at the mall (which is just as great) I’m opting for an internship :)


5 Reasons why unpaid internships can be better than paid jobs (non-major related)

  1. Connections to people in your field of study can help you land a permanent job at that company
  2. Your name can very well get out amongst people in your field if you kick serious butt at the internship
  4. The money you could earn while working at common places not related to your major could multiply exponentially from interning somewhere in your field. $2,000 from Wetseal? Nope. Hello nice stable salary right out of college.
  5. You can have fun doing things you love. I mean, you should love your field of study :)

However, if you can’t afford to do an unpaid internship, there is no shame. Everyone’s financial situation varies. Do what you can, but remember that networking is KEY to getting a great job in your dream field. Who you know is just as vital as what you know!