WOW. It’s almost OVER



I’ve been MIA for awhile, my loves. Sorry for that. The year is winding down, finals week has begun (for music majors, that is) and we have a week and half left of school. As you can see, spilling the tea about EC life has had to be shelved so I can manage the plethora of projects and papers.


This time of year is so hectic but not. You don’t have A TON going on, but then again you do. AND MOVING OUT IS THE WORST. If I could point out the single most nerve wrecking thing about the month of May, it would be moving out…especially out of an apartment. Being out of state surely does not help, and between studying and homework it feels like there is no time. Then somehow Friday comes along, and you’re all done. Apartment packed, finals done, and another year of “WHAT JUST HAPPENED” under your belt. I’m shocking myself as I write this realizing I’m about to be a junior. Where did the time go?


Anyway, good luck on finals, friends! :) May the force be with you