Holidays when you’re away

Are you currently attending EC and live out of state? Are you a future bluejay living outside of the Elmhurst area and worried you’ll be alone for the holidays? NO WORRIES!

Holidays without immediate family can be a little weird at first, but you can make your own little family while away :) here are some ways to cope with being away from home on holidays like Thanksgiving:


Ask to spend it with close friends! – most friends and their families won’t turn you away if they are aware you can’t go home for the holiday. It’s super fun, I know from experience!

If you have family you don’t see as much in the area, visit them!  – pretty self explanatory. Stop on by :)

Coworkers may offer! – sometimes if coworkers know you’re far from home, they will also offer. Be careful with that one, friends!

If you’re alone…- order some food, cuddle with Netflix, and study for finals :) this can be lonely but only if you let it! You’d be home for Christmas in just a week and a half after that. You can do it!


Hope these here are of help! Happy holidays!