Okay, it’s called J-Term. :) I’ve been gone awhile getting my life together and working on BIO 100 (yay…) but I am back! I think last time I was here we talked about me graduating early? I think..? Well I’m still deathly afraid, but I’ll get over it I suppose. This is my last J-Term and it’s bittersweet; especially since it wasn’t really anticipated.


J-term is such a great option here at EC, though. While I personally wouldn’t choose to stay home during this time, that’s an option! You can take a class or study abroad, too. It’s really a chill time during the year and I find it to be the perfect time to unwind and mentally prepare for the spring semester. For me right now it isn’t the most productive: Biology is only 9-12 Monday through Thursday. You’d think OMG I HAVE SO MUCH TIME! then you have all this time on your hands and you panic in despair from boredom like OMG I HAVE SO MUCH TIME. So, now I kind of hang with my study group until we get tired of looking at each other.


Well friends, those are really all my thoughts for right now. Very busy studying good ole Biology..


Stay Warm,