Leadership 101

hello lovelies!


So, if you have been following the bloggers you may notice that leadership is a “thing” on campus; One wouldn’t be shocked to find out that every other student has multiple leadership roles on campus. From greek life, to honor societies, cultural organizations and everything in between. Why is leading in organization or on campus important?


1. Growth: you learn SO much about yourself , and have the chance to become the best version of YOU. Being a great leader is humbling.


2. Communication skills: as a leader you learn how to communicate more effectively, and your ability to “people” (haha it’s a verb now) sharpens. You learn ┬ámore about how people work, and how to communicate with them in a multitude of styles.


3. Companies will appreciate it: having a nice high GPA is wonderful and you should be proud! For professions outside the realms of math and science, other types of fields that deal heavily with people and rely on effective written/oral communication skills look for students who have held leadership positions. It reflects positively in character, and it gives them other ways to consider your skills aside from your coursework.


4. ITS FUN! Okay so I love serving people and doing stuff. I love coordinating, paperwork, administrative tasks. You name it. It seems odd but I find serving others through engaging leadership to be enthralling.



hopefully you consider diving in to getting involved and honing your inner leader when you get here, future Bluejay ;)


Stay Warm,