Staying Healthy at the ‘Hurst

What’s up cuties?


So, here’s the thing: being healthy in college can be HARD. The food on any campus is not *always* the most health conscious, and if you are like me you do not like added sugars, excessive salt, and ingredients you cannot pronounce. It can be easy to put health on the back burner since you’re focused on classes, finals, passing, and graduating. The hard that you have to simply force yourself to make your health a habit.


I know it is the college culture to pull all nighters and eat ramen, but those things have consequences when you get older, friends. Lack of sleep can cause obesity, heart disease, poor immune function, depression, hunger, and the list goes on. You have to learn to prioritize sleep! It is SO vital. As far as ramen, that is your entire week of sodium. Diest high in sodium can cause high blood pressure no matter how much you lift, bro. 

I struggled with all these things until this year, when a few visits to the wellness center served as a wake up call. If you live on campus and have a meal plan, try to pick fresher foods and never be afraid to ask “What’s in this?”.

If you live in the apartments, MEAL PREP! Or, at least plan your meals. I just began cooking all my dinners and lunches for the week on Sunday. It took awhile, but it never had to guess what I was eating, it was all stuff I like, and I felt so good about myself while doing it. Those night classes make having a healthy meal hard, but I was able to run home and grab my pre made dinner, heat it, and GO!


This is just a friendly PSA and shared experience. Find what works for you, but trust me you pay for those food choices and that sleep deficit. Choose your quality of living!



Eat Your Veggies,