There is throwback post about why internships are great and a gift from God, all that good stuff. After a whopping 19 applications…NINETEEN…I have a few tips. From experience. Prepare yourself

  1. Apply to as many as possible – Careful to not apply to too many in the same circle. that may or may not be the best advice but after applying for several competitors, it just became a little sticky. Spread out a bit. 2 or 3 competitors is OK. Anymore than that and it could get messy. But either way cast a wide net so that the probability of a response is greater.
  2. PAY ATTENTION TO DETAIL – Can I just tell you I adressed a cover letter to the WRONG company once. I was applying for something and forgot to tweak the names. Of course I never heard back. I was rushing. Do not apply while rushing. CHECK THOSE EMAILS, LETTERS, AND RESUMES 1504905 TIMES! I also addressed another company wrong in an email. I’m taking those L’s with grace, though. It happens to the best of us. I learned to check and re-read SO many times before submission.
  3. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and contact directly – Of course, if they say no phone calls don’t call. Smaller companies usually don’t mind directly emailing presidents/secretaries/CEOs. I’ve done it before, it showed some spunk I suppose. Just be cautious of what you say. I prefer email to phone calls just because emails take more time and you can have a longer conversation while still getting down to business and sending those files. Also ask questions should the conversation permit: how long is the duration of the internship? Do you often have out of state interns? What are the time requirements? O f course once you get the interview you should ask more in depth questions as well.
  4. Be open – I’m a music business major and our studies are BROAD. I’ve taken time to accept that I could work anywhere in the marketing/entertainment/music fields and I’m good with that. My resume shows it. I also know I may not get my dream career/company right away. So, I am applying to an array of companies that are in my range instead of just the 5 that are in my direct fields.
  5. Be patient – Do it. It helps.

And most of all… Don’t Give Up! It’s poopy waiting for return emails and phone calls but it’ll all work out the way it needs to. You may be reading this and thinking “I haven’t even graduated high school yet” (perhaps? maybe?) In case you ever need some advice and a crazy story, I got you!



Remember To Address The Right Company,