The Realities of a Student Leader

GoOoOoOd Morning Bluejays!


As I’m sitting here anxiously awaiting the end of my Thursday so I can lay back in my bed, I want to share with you some realities of being THAT student. Involved, academically strong, socially active… all the attributes one would expect of an involved leader on campus.

Do NOT get me wrong, my college experience has been ULTIMATE. I love being a leader both organizationally and socially. But, I must warn you, the stress and lack of sleep can really cut into your well-being. The truth is, you spend a lot of time worrying about if things will go the way you need them too (if you’re a perfectionist) because as a leader you want what’s best. You’ll spend late nights doing homework or finally talking to your mom because you spent your whole day in class or at meetings. You’ll probably forget to eat because between class, your protected hour meeting, class, a night meeting, homework, and calling Mom you just couldn’t carve out a time to eat something that will keep you going.

Is it worth it? YES. This isn’t an everyday thing, actually. It’s when sorority life kicks into high gear, all your classes suddenly have exams, and the home stretch is finally underway. Here are some ways to combat these plagues, and hopefully when you’re a shining leader on campus you can use these to your benefit:

  1. Self Care: If you’re like me, you love your alone time and NEED it to keep going. So, take that time. Go to your room or the library instead of hanging in the cafe or founders. Take some time to do what will take care of YOU so you can take care of others.
  2. Process: Whether you need to process through talking, writing, reflecting, or art you should always take time to do it! As people we process so much information just on average daily…so if you’re a highly involved student you can expect that to be doubled. You need to think through and process all of what you heard, wrote, and talked about so that your brain can actually function!
  3. Healthy habits: Please PLEASE eat, drink water, and get in some exercise. Sometimes those small things can be difficult to work in when you are SO focused on studying, practicing a presentation, or balancing your friendships. Pack a snack, grab your water bottle, and take a jog in your free time to ensure that your body is okay!
  4. Be the rubber duck: This is hard, folks. If you worry…ALOT… like me this one is the most testing of all. Sometimes you gotta let it ROLL OFF your back like you’re a rubber duck. People will talk. You may have not done so great on that last exam. You done goofed. It happens, man. You can’t spend all your time worrying about what has already happened, and you can’t stress about what has not yet happened. Focused on what is NOW. What IS happening. Don’t predict the future, and don’t try to go and reach deep in the past. Embrace the rubber duck. Be the rubber duck. Love the rubber duck. Let all the “mess” roll off your back like water and keep on floating, duckling ;)

Hopefully this speaks to someone, as it def spoke to me as I wrote it. Take care of yourself, let your thoughts flow, practice healthy habits, and BE THE DUCK! You got this.


Peace & Love,