As my time as an EC student comes to a close, I want to share some thoughts. graduation is scary. Don’t do it. Just stay forever. I know that’s not possible, but you’ll hate leaving…at least I do. Getting ready to end my collegiate experience feels heart shredding. When I look peers in the the eye, I just re-live all the memories; good and bad. I know that all those experiences have shaped my time here at Elmhurst.

It’s easy to just go to college, but when you make your college apart of your life, it’s so hard to let go. Think about that when you start, think about that when you feel like quitting, think about that when you have a fallout with your friends. It seems so distant now, but you’ll turn around and realize you’re sitting in your last class and wishing you could just start over. Thank you following my journey for the past 2 years! I hope you’ve learned something, or laughed, or neither. I’ll keep you updated on finals week and we’ll see how much I’m missing it then while crying on my study guides :)



Tater Tot.