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Just a Minor Problem

I began the year adamant that I was going to minor in philosophy. I already had credit from a local community college that I dual enrolled in. I love the subject because I’m a big fan of thinking, I do it almost every day. But my black hole of a …read more

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First-Second Semester

There is a difference in the way I approached my first and second semester. In my first semester of college, I was all about making connections. Big Questions and First Year Seminar bombarded every freshman all Elmhurst had to offer. In Big Questions, students are meeting more than 500 new …read more

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Halfway There…

So, as another Waffle Wednesday comes to an end, I am currently finished with two exams. Thank the lord.

I studied for Biology for such a long time. The good thing is that now I know all about resource partitioning and clear cutting and cowbirds. Interesting fact actually, cowbirds are …read more

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Ready for Exam Week?

As many people know who are currently in Spring term at Elmhurst College, next week is pretty much everyone’s first exam of the semester. Woooo……. ……. ……….. sigh.

Next week my exam schedule involves:

Tuesday Bio

Wednesday Chemistry

Friday Statistics.

Can’t wait.

In other news, the dance team is still going well. We …read more

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Goodbye My Love

Today is my last official day of my J-Term class. I thought this month would never end in the best way possible. I’ve loved my class, touring different libraries in the Chicagoland area and actually learning how libraries work. I was actually inspired by the class to consider becoming a …read more

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Creative Dramatics

It was an excellent choice enrolling in Creative Drama (Theater-320) for J-term.

When people ask me about the class, I often respond that the class engages in a plethora of activities.

It suffices the 300-level and fine arts requirement. Of course the class still consists of the assignments

such as daily journals, …read more

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Ahhhhhh. With my last final today, I’m so excited for J-TERM (also coined by the lovely students as PLAY TERM). My freshman year I took Global Business, and was the Assistant Stage Manager for an EC musical “I Love A Piano”. TALK ABOUT HECTIC. This semester, I’m switching it up …read more

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