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Spring, Sprang, Sprung


Spring has arrived here on the Elmhurst College campus! The weather has been pretty erratic, but it’s finally starting to feel like spring. For a while I started to hear the joke that Chicago/the Chicago area is called the Four Seasons, because we experience all four seasons in one day. …read more

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The Making of the Zen Den

When I came to campus, I knew I wanted to create a space I felt comfortable, relaxed, and rejuvenated in, that was open to my friends. I heard the term “Zen Den” from another school at a conference I was at, and I knew I needed to make one …read more

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On Friday, the Lizzadro Museum of Lapidary Art and the Elmhurst Art Museum are free to the public. They are located across the street from campus (may be mistaken as part of the college). My girlfriend and I had a wonderful time visiting these institutions.

After lunch at PieFive, we checked …read more

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20 Reasons Why I Am Excited for the Fall

  1. To see all of my friends I have not seen all summer! I think there is only 1 friend I made from Elmhurst that I have seen this summer… My days are always great when I see all of my friends around campus!
  2. New school supplies! I know a lot of …read more

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Staying Healthy at the ‘Hurst

What’s up cuties?

So, here’s the thing: being healthy in college can be HARD. The food on any campus is not *always* the most health conscious, and if you are like me you do not like added sugars, excessive salt, and ingredients you cannot pronounce. It can be easy to …read more

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Beautiful Day!

The sun was shining! The breeze was blowing! I even wore a dress today!

I just wanted to have a quick update on today.

It was sooo fun. I have friends now! Amazzzinnggg!

Today I went to Juggling Club while hanging out with a few of my close friends on …read more

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Freshman 15 Go Away!

I’ve come to the conclusion that it is nearly impossible to not gain weight while in college, especially if you live on campus. There are so many different kinds of greasy, fatty, sweet foods that so easily bribe me in. For example, let’s talk about the roost. If you want …read more

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An Infestation of the Enemy

I will finally weigh in on a highly contested issue among the student body: the squirrels. I hate them. So much. They are everywhere, lurking in the bushes, the garbage cans, they scream from the trees. Those screams haunt my nightmares. And let’s be perfectly frank, squirrels are rodents …read more

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Spring break ranting

Alright, alright. I haven’t been on in quite awhile. How sad but don’t cry! I’m back :)

I’ve been ridiculously busy with housing, midterms, and all things Elmhurst but it’s SPRING BREAAAAAAK. #turnup! I hope everyone has had a decent beginning to spring this SB I went …read more

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Spring Break is Calling my Name

SPRING BREAK!!! It’s finally time for another break from school. There comes a time when you just can’t bare to focus on homework, studying, or reading any longer—now is that time. I cannot explain how “schooled out” I am right now. The only things that motivated me this last semester …read more

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The Jog of Gratitude

One of the things I love about Elmhurst and living on campus is how polite everyone is. It’s like a little slice of Canada here, that’s how polite people are.

The most common random act of kindness everyone performs here on campus is opening doors for the people behind them, …read more

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Unexpected Necessities

Dorm life is fantastic, and I 1000/10 recommend it. The new freedom, the new people, and new experiences it opens you up to are indescribably great. However, with great power comes great responsibility, especially since you’re basically on your own, at least concerning caring for yourself and your room. As …read more

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NYE if you’re OOS (Out Of State)

Hello world,

I hope you’re warm…can we just marvel at the fact that it is as cold here as it is in Antarctica? I can’t even fathom, friends. But any who, HAPPY NEW YEAR! The best part about the new year is that while everyone is going back into the routine …read more

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Merry New Year and Happy Christmas!

Wow, quite the busy last couple of weeks. With finals, moving out, and holidays, there are a lot of things to catch up on!

So finals week was rough. I only had three finals, since our FYS (First Year Seminar, kind of a college 101/philosophy class) final was a party. …read more

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I haven’t been home that long, but I’m already missing dorm life. Although I do love the convenience of not having to shower with shoes on and the freedom to turn my room into a disaster zone guilt-free, I feel a kind of homesickness (or, more appropriately, homeSchickness…an ode to …read more

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