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First Year Seminar: Local Choices, Global Effects

Did you know that the college has a 5 – year sustainability plan?
This is why I love Elmhurst College.
There are a lot more things that the college does to attain a environmental friendly community.
Sustainability is an issue in the world and Elmhurst College is a leading example of sustainable living.

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Thanks A Latte!

Even though I staunchly maintain that I brew a cup of coffee so miraculous it results in religious awakenings, I am a very loyal and frequent customer at the coffee shop in the Founders Lounge. I love to get drinks that I can’t make myself and flavor combinations I normally …read more

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Things to Look Forward To

Hello again all! (Wow, two blog posts in one week?) Yeah, I felt the need to make up for last week.

So, this is a short one about just having things to look forward to. With finals coming up, which I am assuming everyone is dreading, it is extremely easy …read more

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Take Me Back!

I never thought I would find myself wanting to go back to school while I’m on Thanksgiving break. Before break, I could not WAIT to come home and see my family, sleep in my own bed, and eat home cooked meals. But somehow I find myself missing the “Niebuhrhood”. For …read more

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Think Twice Before You Swipe (Your Jaypass)!

For residence students, it is often hard to keep track of how much is spent on meals because food money is placed on our jaypass and a swipe is all it takes to purchase a meal. Commuter students however are not required to have a meal plan and as …read more

Source: In the Shoes of Ralph Dela Cruz

Why hello there.

I suppose some introductions are in order. I know how boring these can be so I shall keep it to a short bullet-ed list. People like lists right?

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