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Checking in …. Break!

Hey there cuties,

This post isn’t super fancy or filled with fab advice (let’s be real…you totes take my advice, I know!) just a simple check in. It’s break until J-term…grades are looking good…and I’m in SWEET HOME ATLANTA! I know, I know I always give advice about what to …read more

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Happy Halloween!

I hope you all had a wonderful Halloween!

I had a great time. My friend from high school invited me to a viewing of the musical Chicago at the Auditorium Theatre at Roosevelt University on Halloween downtown. There was a mock speakeasy where everyone dressed up in their best flapper …read more

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Next Stop – CHICAGO!

Up until this last weekend, I never really took advantage of the fact that Elmhurst is actually very close to downtown Chicago. This might be surprising, considering that I am now a sophomore and I had an entire freshman year to visit Chicago, but I guess I never really had …read more

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Steve Harvey University

I was delighted to represent Elmhurst College along with 40 people at first ever Steve Harvey University! It’s an episode dedicated for college students that focused on college life, dating, and success. The set was designed like a town hall for discussions. Other universities that were in attendance were Purdue …read more

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Welcome back!

Hello everyone! Hope the summer was fun. Mine definitely was, but way too short if you ask me. So over the summer, I did many things, some of which boring, some of which amazing. Some highlights are, in no particular order:

-Wisconsin State Fair with my family. Ate lots of …read more

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I Heart Chicago

As Buddy the Elf would say, “I’m in love and I don’t care who knows it!” But instead of Zooey Deschanel, I’m in love with Chicago. Like I have professed in previous posts, Chicago is my favorite city. I try to explore as much as I can. My internship …read more

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The Commute: 2-21-14

6:59 am – I brush off the fresh layer of snow on my car.

7:05 am – I take a detour to my mother’s work place due to a malfunctioning railroad crossing signals.

7:21 am – An intersection has non-operating traffic lights.

7:26 am – I drop off my mom at her work.

7:33 …read more

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Valentine’s Day For Single College Students XOXOXO

Valentine’s day is in ONE WEEK… So, you’re single…and in college. Totally not bad! But, this time of year the biggest question of all is…“What are you doing for valentine’s day?” Hmm huh well hmmm AWKWARD right? … WRONG. Show yourself some love!

Here are a few things you can …read more

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15 Things You Should Know About European Culture

1. Water sparkles. All the time.

2. You must request non-carbonated water. See #1

3. Mayo is a condiment for fries…FRIES.

4. It takes about $1.50 to make 1 Euro. Save up!

5. The diversity of culture across the countries changes depending on each country’s history. It’s fascinating.

6. What is a car?

7. Manners are …read more

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Stepping out

Who here has ever put a chicken foot inside of their mouth, suck all of the meat and fat off of it, eat it, and then put the remains of the foot back in the soup? My guess would be that not many of you have, unless you’ve traveled to …read more

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Returning from Europe!

Why hello all,

I have returned and have settled comfortably from Europe. OMG IT WAS THE COOLEST EXPERIENCE EVER. I just want to tell anyone reading that seeing the world is possible! Certainly, at least, for EC students, of course. The amount of history, culture, and communication skills I learned …read more

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January Term

So as a first year student at Elmhurst college, I had never taken a J-term before. A J-term or January Term is when you take one class for January. Some are every day, some are only a week long. I am taking Interpersonal Communication which is really interesting. Over J-term, …read more

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Chicagoan Misadventures

As an out-of-state student, I was incredibly excited to start my J-Term class, The Great Libraries of Chicago. Luckily, one of my friends was enrolled in the class as well, and is very familiar with the city. She and I have taken advantage of the occasional free time we get …read more

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Why hello lovelies!

Tomorrow is the day! …and today is the day I have to pack. I am SO EXCITED to go to Europe tomorrow and cannot wait for the new experiences to come. It’s always a great opportunity to become aware of other cultures, traditions, and people out there …read more

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Happy Weekend!

Hello all!

I hope everyone’s holiday, whether it was Thanksgiving or Hanukkah, was absolutely top. Funnily enough, my birthday was actually on Thanksgiving this year so that was a plus! Lots of pictures to ensue. It was a long weekend and I had a six page paper due today so sorry …read more

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