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The Great Snowball Fight of 2015

Friday night marked the first snowfall of the year. And did it snow! Behemoth snowflakes suffocated campus in thick packing snow, and sometime around 11:30 PM, I got a text from one of my friends: “Head outside in 3 mins for a lightsaber duel. We at the mall.” Already warm …read more

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Milling About

As I have mentioned in the past, I have found my “home,” so to speak, at Elmhurst College’s Mill Theatre. I am a student worker at the costume shop and many of my friends are theatre majors. This season has been so much fun so far, let me give you …read more

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The Realities of a Student Leader

GoOoOoOd Morning Bluejays!

As I’m sitting here anxiously awaiting the end of my Thursday so I can lay back in my bed, I want to share with you some realities of being THAT student. Involved, academically strong, socially active… all the attributes one would expect of an involved leader on …read more

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Welcome back!

Hello everyone and welcome back to a new year at Elmhurst College! unfortunately my other post was deleted and I didn’t have a back up so I will have to keep this brief.

I hope everyone’s summer went well and you are all back in the swing of things for classes. …read more

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New and Improved, Fall 2015

I know the semester has just ended… but after reflecting on the previous year, I want to look ahead to my final year at Elmhurst College. What do I want to be remembered for? What else do I want to accomplish? What opportunities will I NOT let pass me by? …read more

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Did this year even happen?

Is the semester even over? Did I complete all of my assignments? Do I still have tons of unfinished business from the school year? Well it sure feels like it…

But I guess I want to take a moment to reflect on all that I have done this year (at …read more

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Showcase Season!

Sorry I haven’t updated in forever, I have been so busy with school and dance I have like no time anymore!

A few quick updates:

  • I am taking Organic Chemistry part 2, Anatomy and Physiology part 2, Microbiology, and Digital Imaging Independent Study this semester.
  • Classes are kicking me in the face …read more

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What’s Your Take?

Helloooo current and future bluejays!

Of course this is a post about the Oscars. Why not? I only saw bits and pieces of it due to homework, but what were you surprised by? (Looking at you, Gaga) what didn’t surprise you? (Hello John Legend). What’d you like? Can we just …read more

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Holidays when you’re away

Are you currently attending EC and live out of state? Are you a future bluejay living outside of the Elmhurst area and worried you’ll be alone for the holidays? NO WORRIES!

Holidays without immediate family can be a little weird at first, but you can make your own little family while …read more

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Greek life at its Finest – King of Hearts!

One thing that I love about Greek life is that all of the different sororities and fraternities on campus are able to come together as one, and help raise money for their specific philanthropy in such fun, unique, and different ways. I personally am a member of Alpha Phi sorority …read more

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BOT: Student Life

Being a student at a small liberal arts college allows you to interact more easily with people in high positions. Having met with the then-president Alan Ray in his office hours, being a student representative in the Board of Trustees (BOT) Investment (2013) and Student Life (present) committees – I …read more

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Yik Yak at Elmhurst College

The newest social media trend on campus: Yik Yak

One night after Poms practice, I was sitting in the library with a few of my friends attempting to get some homework done, when everyone starts talking about this new app called Yik Yak. Immediately I was interested because everyone was …read more

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Homecoming 2014

Happy homecoming 2014!

I am so excited! We had such awesome fun stuff going on this week. The theme is “Bluejays Gone Wild” and there were exotic animals in the Frick Center!

Including this guy! She was super heavy but it was really awesome holding her.

As always, with Homecoming, there is …read more

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Dance Team Performance

Hello everyone!

It’s been a busy couple of weeks! The dance team performed their first number on Saturday and it went great! The video was too large to upload but I can put up some pictures!

I’m so glad to work with these girls on the team, and I love …read more

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Greek Life at its Finest – Bid Day 2014

What an exciting, nerve wrecking, and great experience. Yesterday night I experienced my first bid day as a sorority member. Last year, I was the one rushing to be a part of the sorority, but this year was quite different because I was the one welcoming them into out sisterhood.

For …read more

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