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September Goals

Hello everyone!

The first exams of the semester are quickly approaching. So far I have had one lab practical, one organic quiz, and two exams next week. How are you all feeling on your exams?

Here is a picture of “simple columnar epithelium tissue” found in your intestines which was …read more

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Sorority Life …. PART TROIS

Hey hey hey!

It’s that time of year again blue jays! RECRUITMENT…or as we used to call it RUSH WEEKEND. It’s a super hectic time filled with stress and a wee bit of competition but it’s pretty cool to meet a large part of the population on campus all at …read more

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Hello there future and or current bluejays! Let’s talk about…. JUNIOR YEAR. So, I feel old. real old. I’m an OSL (Orientation Student Leader…guiding those lovely freshmen through their “first” week at Elmhurst in Orientation) and it’s my second year doing it this past summer. HOW OLD DO I …read more

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Summer is here!

Finals are done, I’m all packed up to go home, and today is the last day on campus until the fall. I cannot wait!
On Monday I cut off 14 inches of my hair to donate to locks of love, so that was exciting! One of my best friends from …read more

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May Flowers?

Hello everyone!

Quite a semester it has been. I can’t believe my first year of college is almost already over! A lot has happened within the last couple weeks, and I’ve been super busy.

So last week was our Dance Team Showcase. I hope some of you went out to …read more

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That Costume Crew Lyfe

This weekend I helped out one of my closest friends on campus in the costume shop for Mill Theatre’s upcoming musical Dames at Sea. She is an incredibly valuable asset for the costume shop, so naturally she brought me, a goofy world-class friend embarrasser with some hand sewing experience, probably …read more

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One More Week!

Ahh! One more week until it is time for the showcase!

Once again April 25th and 26th, 7pm in the chapel, free for EC students, $5 for general admission.

I would love to see you all there! We have all been working so hard. I have literally danced every single …read more

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Alright. Midterms are finally over. Finally, finally over.

One bio lab practical, one chem quiz, a chem exam, bio exam, and statistics exam later, I am finally DONE. But of course, “there ain’t no rest for the wicked,” so another quiz next week. Heavy sigh.

But anyway, a quick update …read more

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Juggling Fiends – Part 1

Wow, quite a lot has happened. Okay, not really, but enough to make a post about it.

I learned how to juggle! Woo! Drew, the President and Founder of the Juggling Club at Elmhurst and my friend is seriously awesome and a great teacher. My roommate and I both learned …read more

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Quite a tiring couple of weeks it has been.

After that week of tests I thought I might be able to rest a bit but nope, it’s full force at Elmhrust College. If you’re a science major, there’s really no such thing as rest. I won’t bore you with the …read more

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The Science Guy’s Big Blast of Science

When I found out that Bill Nye was giving a lecture on campus from a friend, I hastily reserved a seat online. Apparently, so did everyone else on campus! I wanted to see the science guy who made science fun to learn back in elementary school. To many, it …read more

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Sophie’s Stress

I am STRESSING out. I thought that at the beginning of my first semester here at Elmhurst College, I was just stressing out so much because I was adjusting to the college work load, and to an extent I was. But I currently find myself stressing out about academics …read more

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Check Out the Basketball Experience

My first Elmhurst College basketball game was quite an experience. I perform on the Poms team, so we attend all of the basketball games, but I was kind of walking in blindfolded. Of course I have danced at basketball games in high school, but not college, and it was somewhat …read more

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Dance Elmhurst Dance!

I was pleasantly surprised as I watched the dance recital this last Saturday and Sunday night. If you all don’t already know, I have been dancing since I was about 5 years old. I decided to take a tap class my first semester here as a freshman, just …read more

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Sorority Life

If you believe what you see in the movies about Greek Life, it’s easy to think one of two extremes: It’s superficial and catty or It’s partying all day.


Of course, with about 75 women it can get heated, but it’s not like in …read more

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