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Pilgrimage to Ferguson, MO

Journal Entry from Saturday, April 23rd, 2016 6 pm “Just saw where Michael Brown was murdered. Definitely a lot running through my mind. I felt embarrassed. I felt ashamed. I felt privileged, out of place, ignorant, and white. I was fearful and worried. I did not want these residents to think this was some tourist group. But will that be something in the future? I felt like I didn’t deserve to be seeing what I was seeing. Why do I have the right to be part of this movement, see a part of history and try to grasp the overwhelmingness of this situation. The street was so small. The space so open. Its so much more than the dead body. Read More »

Tips, Tricks, and Things I Always Forget When Travelling

Tip #1: Going to a restaurant? Find out about a rewards program/app. That usually means free food or first-time discounts. Geocache! Always gives you something to do and you never know what you may find. Remember these: Shower shoes if a community shower. Pump hand soap. I hate those bars. A mirror. Small or big. Slippers. I can’t walk around in my sneakers everywhere. Umbrella. Tip #2: Go digging. Open up drawers, open up doors. Find unknown areas of access. Grocery stores with a deli will have utensils and small condiments. DON’T LOSE YOUR LICENSE. Tip #3: Need a shower? Want a free workout? Sign up for a free day/week pass at a nearby gym. Talk with locals. Have them Read More »

Elmhurst Moves to Fight Food Waste and Feed People

Sustainability has become an increasingly central focus at Elmhurst College. This year, with the creation of the my Sustainability Internship, Chartwells has become a leader in the efforts on campus. We have conducted a waste audit, encouraged proper portion size, increased knowledge of correct recycling, and our biggest initiative yet – started our own chapter of the Food Recovery Network to help feed people and fight hunger. Essentially, students work with local agencies and campus staff to coordinate the donation of the cafeteria leftovers. Started by students at the University of Maryland in 2011, this organization has recovered over 1 million pounds of food and counting!   Food Recovery Network came to Elmhurst because Steven Goodwin, Director of Dining Services, had Read More »

Alternative Spring Break 2.0

Overall, this trip is one million times better than last year, for one million and one reasons. No one has gotten on my nerves, everyone has worked together, the site leaders and advisers are so giving and flexible, and there has been zero drama. I also have heard no complaints, no negativity, and no problems. Maybe I’m just having a better time, therefore I am noticing all of the positives, maybe its because the work is not as physically exhausting, maybe its because we have a smaller group, or maybe its because it truly is just a better trip. The main overall theme that has occurred revolves around the tedious work we have done. We sorted hangers, painted for 21 Read More »

The Making of the Zen Den

When I came to campus, I knew I wanted to create a space I felt comfortable, relaxed, and rejuvenated in, that was open to my friends.  I heard the term “Zen Den” from another school at a conference I was at, and I knew I needed to make one in my dorm! Here is what it features:     board games, brain games, and cards a Buddha Board (Google it) a water fountain 3 boxes of crafts and art supplies mandala coloring books self-help books, hand outs, quizzes, and resources a tea set and tea kettle brightly colored paintings, fabric, and pillows battery-operated LED string lights a wireless speaker an LED, oil-diffusing humidifier a fan   The best part about Read More »

Reflection on J-Term Travel to Jamaica

Everyone asks: How was Jamaica?! And I haven’t known how to respond. Why? Because I really couldn’t find a way to process what I had experienced. I could think about it in terms of the academics, what I learned about the culture, overcoming challenges, and so on and so on. But still, I felt like I haven’t fully processed it all. Finally, after reviewing the goals I had set for myself prior to the trip, I am able to feel a sense of connectedness with the trip. Here is what I learned:   Outcome on Goal 1: Coming back to America, I feel like I did not experience a foreign culture while in Jamaica. After really thinking about it though, Read More »

Food Recovery Network

I will never forget the experience of our biggest recovery yet: It was the Friday afternoon when everyone was leaving for break. The campus would be closed for two weeks, meaning no cafeteria operations, meaning there was going to be food left over. I had planned to make a recovery that day, but I would have never expected the amount of food that I was handed. Three tall carts of food loaded with boxes and boxes of fruit, vegetables, dairy products, and condiments. Rows and rows of pastas, meats, sides, and breakfast items. I was overwhelmed, exhilarated, and joyful to see how much food I was about to donate. But, I was under prepared and under the biggest time crunch. Read More »

Educational Experiences in Jamaica

After a crazy journey of being hospitalized and missing the first part to my study abroad trip, I have made it to Jamaica. I have reached the half way point in my journey, and I now have very positive experiences I can write about and share with you. Let me tell you what I reflected on today as I taught in a 6th grade all boys class at Chetwood High School.     “Just as someone was explaining yesterday, people recognize specific talents within me that, I have been told, would make me an excellent teacher Despite these words, I have never actually considered teaching as a career. I have, however, recall countless times that I have found myself in a teacher-like Read More »

New Year, New and Continued Resolutions

I do not wait for a new year to start new resolutions. However, I will take the opportunity of a new semester to begin some new commitments and healthy habits. Here are a few of my resolutions, whether continued or new: Remain monogamous in my relationship. I am in a committed relationship, and although it is unconventional, I have committed to treat it otherwise. My commitment to my boyfriend is so much more a commitment to myself. I need to change my thinking: I don’t want to be looking at all men as a new opportunity for a relationship; I want to learn how to say no to dates; I want to be able to be clear with my intentions Read More »

5 Reasons I’m Moving to Campus!

It is my Senior Year, the last semester of my Senior Year to be exact. I am going on 22 years old, and as you may have read, have previously lived on my own before. Despite these factors, I am SO EXCITED TO MOVE TO CAMPUS!!! Seriously, this has been my dream ever since high school. My reasons for moving to campus, are not the common reasons I hear about. As I express in most of my posts, I do not want the typical college experience. I am not moving to campus to move away from my parents, to have more freedom, to party, or to have my own space. I am coming to campus for the following reasons: No Read More »

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