5 Unusual Reasons to Love a Small Class-Size

You have probably heard the benefits of having a small class size…. things like great one-on-one time with your teacher, getting to know your peers, and having more meaningful class discussion on different topics. But over the past 3 years of having small class sizes (at my school I transferred from as well) I have come to realize that I absolutely love small class sizes for the following reasons:


1. I can sit in the front row and still be able to talk to/see the students in the back row. I love sitting in the front row because I can see if I forget my glasses, I can see the notes better, and the teacher can read my facial expression if I am confused. In a small classroom, that is great because I can still engage with the students in the back of the room without having to yell across a lecture hall.


2. If someone brings in food, there is enough to share with everyone. Small classes can get donuts, bagels, and even pizza parties for relatively cheap because of how few students there are.


3. There is no fight over outlets to plug in my laptop. With nearly two outlets on each of the four walls, I have fairly good odds of being able to plug in my laptop during the entire class. If I had more students in my class, there would definitely be fights for the outlets!


4. Because I have a close relationship with my teacher, she/he is able to accommodate me in desperate times when all of my classes are piling up. Although some people might think it is a bad thing if a teacher notices that you are absent from their class, I believe it is an excellent thing. Almost all of my teachers have noticed when I am absent and have always sincerely asked if I was doing okay and if there is anything they can do to help. There is no way that could happen in a larger class.


5. Not only am I able to get awesome letters of recommendations, I am able to land internships professional connections, and even collaboration on my independent research projects- all that I am able to discuss with my professor after class. I have and countless AMAZING opportunities from my teachers just from being in their class. They are able to notice my passion for involvement and dedication to working hard and have consequently nominated me for endless opportunities. The best part, however, is being able to discuss it with them after class. I do not have to make an appointment during their office hours.