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New and Improved, Fall 2015

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I know the semester has just ended… but after reflecting on the previous year, I want to look ahead to my final year at Elmhurst College. What do I want to be remembered for? What else do I want to accomplish? What opportunities will I NOT let pass me by? Here is a checklist that I will review throughout the summer to ensure I am truly pushing myself to do my best.

– Lose 25 lbs.

– Fill out my study away scholarship applications

– Complete URB 495

– Complete poster for summer research

– President of Active Minds

– Attend the 2015-2016 Active Minds Conference

– Attend/ Present at an Urban Studies Conference

– Apply for the Swords Grant for above conference

– Apply for Professional Bridges for above conference

– Apply for Foundation Prize in Ethics Essay Contest

– Submit Middlewestern Voice Art

– Submit Carlson Contest for literary fiction and poetry

– Submit Lively Contest for Creative Non-Fiction

– Apply for NCURR

– Apply for UIC Master’s in Urban Planning

– Study Away January 2016

– Apply for Nelson Ethics Award

– Apply for Holocaust Trip

– Apply for Gerda Luner Memorial Prize for Social Justice and Holocaust Studies

– Earn the Abner S. Ganet Scholarship for Urban Studies

– Earn the Niebhr Laureate Award

– Attend the 2016 Alternative Spring Break Trip

– Be inducted into Lambda Pi Eta

– Be inducted into Phi Beta Delta

– Be nominated for Senior of the Year

– Be nominated for Founders’ Award

– Earn Honors Program Global Scholar


Did this year even happen?

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Is the semester even over? Did I complete all of my assignments? Do I still have tons of unfinished business from the school year? Well it sure feels like it…


But I guess I want to take a moment to reflect on all that I have done this year (at Elmhurst only), because it sure has been a productive year:


– Attended the Transfer Orientation where I met some of best friends. Fell in love with line dancing

– Got into the Honors Program

– Helped out as Photo Chair for the Honors Program

– Got into the Mentoring program and met two amazing mentors

– Got elected Student Representative on SGA Fall 2014. Attended the retreat where I kicked butt on the high ropes course!

– Suggested the Homecoming theme for this year in Union Board- Safari

– Joined Fiber Fanatics and learned to crochet

– Attended that homecoming painting party and found my new passion!

– Went through sorority recruitment… and although I didn’t get into a sorority, still met some amazing girls

– Joined the service fraternity, volunteered some of my time, but unfortunately it wasn’t for me

– Continued my Habitat for Humanity involvement and participated in my first Elmhurst Chapter build

– Participated in the Habitat for Humanity letter drive and raised funds for myself for the first time

– Saw an awesome presentation called “Computation, big data, and the future of cities”

– Attended a Bulls Game with Union Board

– Attended the Model United Nations Conference

– Learned about ARISE Chicago and labor rights at the ARISE breakfast

– Attended the Elmhurst Scholarship Gala and met amazing older folks

– Sat on the student panel and encouraged prospective students to get involved

– Represented transfer and commuter students on the Frick Center Advisory Council

– Got super involved with Active Minds, became Vice President, wrote a constitution, got us set up on all social media/ org sync

– Planned a trip to Baltimore, Maryland for the Active Minds Conference (amazing opportunity!)

– Fell in love with Co-op

– Analyzed organization budgets for the Fee Allocation Board6

– Worked as the Peer Mentor Assistant for a little while and learned Microsoft Access

– Got the honorary title of the First-ever Transfer Blogger!

– Got Transfer Lead for Fall 2015!

-Got into Leadershape 2015!

– Successfully hosted events for Active Minds that made such a big impact on the students and brought our name to campus

– Met Mike Veny who totally believes in me as a professional speaker!

– Explored my theory of social justice from the faith perspectives Niebuhr Center class and won the 2014-2015 Goetz Essay contest

– Was the only student representative to stay with the Sustainability Committee and created some graphic designs for them

– Fell in love with my major and completed a short documentary titled “Hipsters & Hispanics”

– Created an awesome project on Logan Square

– Still loved my major the second semester and jumped into research on Chicago Co-ops

– Won the Honor Summer Fellows grant to continue my research about Chicago Co-ops

– Adventured to Charlotte, North Carolina where I kicked more butt building a house, helping a family, exploring the city, and making even more amazing friends

– Signed up for the Early Bird discount for study away

– Inducted into Pi Gamma Mu

– Nominee of the “I Am Elmhurst” Award

– Landed three internships

So for those of you who think you are too busy, or do not know how to get involved, please please please ask me about any of the above accomplishments and I would be more than honored to share stories with you!