Leadershape 2015

Leadershape. What to say about Leadershape. Everyone I have ever talked to was never able to explain it. For some reason, I am able to explain it precisely. However, if you would like to know what Leadershape entails, please reach out to me. Otherwise, I am going to focus on two main things I learned during my experience:


1) Going against the grain. Never settle in a routine you are uncomfortable/unsatisfied with. Challenge yourself to be the best person you can be, the ideal version of yourself. Go against your normal behaviors or routines and try something different. I learned what it means to have “tact”. For me, it means being more cognizant and aware of my actions, words, and most importantly, behavior. I practiced sitting back, listening more, and being calmer. I practiced what it means to be appropriate and polite and not say anything that might be out of place. This has always been something I have gotten advice on before, whether it be from advisers, bosses, or even significant others. However, I never understand what they were saying; I had no context in which to frame their advice. Now, after learning this simple word, I can understand what these peers have been saying about me for a while. I understand what I need to work on and will incorporate it into my daily behavior.



2) Connecting with your community. I am great with connecting people and do it quite often. I actually am considered to be a “Connector,” that is I am great at networking and drawing connections between people I meet. I am always making referals and offering my resources. However, I do not generally connect with people just for the sake of getting to know them as a person. I tend to not go out of my way to really hear not what a person has to say, but what that person is all about. I consider myself to be open minded when it comes to one’s ideas, but I am not as open to actually learning about most people on a deep level- which actually surprises me because I am totally open to having deep conversations with people. I found that I do not actually value getting to know others, and it is something I am not actively changing. I make it a point to actually respond to texts/messages with others interested in talking to me, because I want to connect with these people. Before, I would make judgements and assumptions about them as a person and believe that there was no “benefit” of talking to them. Now, however, I want to be friends with everyone an look for those little things that I can connect with people over.