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Halloween Dress-up Dilemma

Posted on: October 26th, 2015 by jmahoney No Comments

Halloween costumes have become a BIG DEAL. Low on budget? Not a problem. DIY costumes are the biggest hit right now. What’s even better? Think of a very clever, obviously made-on-a-budget customer like the white t-shirt that says “Error 404: Custom not found.” I try not to buy my costume from the Halloween store. Last year I dressed up like the Morton Salt girl with a yellow dress I found at Goodwill and an umbrella. I also dressed up as Heidi from Tool Time on the show Home Improvement with my ex as Tim Allen and my brother as the neighbor Wilson- and carried around a hand-built fence the entire night. This year for Halloween, I keep putting of actually choosing a costume. I decided to list them all here and list the cons of each… because that is really what it comes down to.

  1. Jessica Rabbit- I’d have to buy a red wig and somehow get my chest to look super large…
  2. Laura Croft/Tomb Raider- I’d have to put in extensions and buy some gun holsters; don’t know if it’d be that recognizable
  3. Jasmine (Aladdin)- I’d have to get my six pack looking good! …….. in 7 days? Don’t think that’s going to happen. Also, have to get a wig.
  4. Miss Argentina (Beetlejuice)- I’d have to paint my skin green, buy a red wig.
  5. Poison Ivy- I’d have to buy a red wig; Kim Kardashian just dressed up as this…
  6. Black Swan- Have seen this before, but hopefully I would be the only one at the costume contest with it

Thoughts? What do you want to see?? I’ve gotten mixed reviews about them all. I wish there were recognizable characters that had short hair… besides Velma. Also, plus sized costumes!