Halloween Night In

Dilemma solved! I did not have to come up with any clever costumes, nor did I have to spend anymore money that I do not have. I had plans to go to a costume contest up in Libertyville… but that is over an hour drive. I cancelled that plan because 1) I didn’t want to risk driving drunk/Uber would be too $$$ and 2) I would feel bad if I didn’t want to try to win a costume contest. Then I had a bonfire I was going to go to. Well, safe to say the hours of never-ending rain cancelled that. Next, my friend invited me to her new place out in Jefferson Park. As it turns out, she made other plans as well. So what am I left with? A night to myself to get stuff done.


I pigged out on the obligatory treats and enjoyed a minute or two at the Best Buddies Halloween Party. Other than that, I am not looking to get dressed up or get so drunk I don’t want to work out tomorrow morning. Does this mean I’m getting older?  I’m excited to go home and be by myself under my warm blankets and light a candle and get homework done… I am totally okay with that.


I did dress up while I worked at Topgolf last night- I was”Halloween.” Which turned into “Old lady on Halloween.” While I was at Goodwill buying decorations for a gala that I’m planning, I decided to see if I could find any suitable costumes on their clearance racks. I was getting so mad that the whole time I was looking for something, these thoughts kept popping up in my head: “This isn’t sexy enough” or “This wouldn’t win me the contest.” I realized in that moment, how many men I had been in contact recently that were (whether they realized it or not) pushing me to dress as something sexy, revealing way more than anyone should be seeing. I made the split second decision to say FORGET looking sexy… so I picked out a long sleeved tee dotted with pumpkins and autumn leaves, with a black sweater vest with patchwork pumpkins and gold buttons. I was pretty proud.


In the end of the day, after my $5.42 costume,  I didn’t buy into anything my peers. or society at large, told me to do – no sexy costume, no drinks, no going out… and I couldn’t be happier.