Thank you, Elmhurst College

Although I plan to write an official thank you letter to the college when I graduate, here are a few things I took a moment to reflect on during the holiday break.

  1. I am thankful I found the non-profit organization, Active Minds, for several reasons. 1) I am able to continue improving my leadership abilities, 2) I found a close group of peers I can process with and can support me in times of need, 3) transform the campus and leave a lasting impact for students to come to feel comfortable in a more understanding, educated community, 3) the structure of this organization has inspired me to create my own similarly structured non-profit, 5) I was able to attend the annual Conference in College Park, Maryland and in Costa Mesa, California.
  2.  I found my true calling through my discernment process in the Niebuhr Center, through gaining an amazing life-coach (Mark Draper), being awarded the 2014-2015 Goetz Essay for exploring a life of service, and exploring faith perspectives in REL 281.
  3.  I was given the opportunity for what I like to call “super research” I created a short documentary called “Hipsters and Hispanics” as my final project for my Honors Intercultural Communications Class (HON 302/COM 315) based on the neighborhood, Logan Square, I chose for my Neighborhood Report for Cities (URB 210).
  4.  I am thankful for the Honors Program for endless reasons, but some main ones being: 1) the opportunity to conduct my own independent honors research that was inspired by my aforementioned projects, and 2) The generous research stipend for the Honors Summer Fellows project to continue my research and present at the Illinois Political Science Association 2015 Conference.
  5. I am thankful I have a “family cluster” I can lean on and go to for support AS WELL as develop my “vision” from Leadershape 2015.
  6. I am thankful I got to explore Charlotte, North Carolina  and remember how passionate I am for construction during my Alternative Spring Break trip with Habitat for Humanity.
  7.  I am thankful for the CPE in general, but mainly- I had an excellent mentor in the CPE’s Mentoring Program- Doug Porter, (now) retired CEO of Ronald McDonald House who was the first person who was able to explain to me how I should list my accomplishments on my resume. And now he is just an excellent contact to have.
  8.  I learned all about abuse (sexual, physical, verbal, psychological, and so on) as well as forms of sexual harassment in my Human Sexuality class (KIN 346) and I was able to end a harmful situation I had gotten myself in and better understand my own history of abuse.
  9.  I was given the opportunity to share my voice with prospective students through a video/photo shoot and THIS blog, so my experience can inspire anyone who hears it.
  10.  I was given the opportunity to help encourage and assist other transfer students in feeling more comfortable and more connected to resources on campus.
  11.  I was offered a new internship as Sustainability Intern where I get to work on a wide variety of projects to improve this campus- the garden, participation on the sustainability committee, revive the Elmhurst College Greenjays,and educate students on recycling.
  12.  I was able to start a chapter of Food Recovery Network on campus to help donate food to food pantries to feed the hungry.
  13.  I am thankful for the DELICIOUS AND AMAZING FOOD AND SERVICE IN CHARTWELLS, as well as the opportunity to change students’ perception on the matter.
  14.  I am thankful to have been inducted into three honor societies: Pi Gamma Mu, Omicron Delta Kappa, and Phi Beta Delta.
  15.  I am thankful my hard work was recognized and received the I Am Elmhurst award.
  16.  I am thankful for the bike program for providing a stranded commuter with a healthy, sustainable mode of transportation.
  17.  I am thankful I was able to converse with donors, alumni, and community members of the college during the annual scholarship dinner to show them how truly amazing scholarships can be.
  18. I am thankful for Co-op: 1) for funding programming for Active Minds, specifically, meeting Mike Veny, now amazing friend and professional mentor; and 2) for having a great opportunity to see how a funding group works and operates.
  19. I am thankful for the countless scholarships I was awarded to help fund my study abroad travel to Jamaica.
  20. And most importantly, I am thankful for my liberal arts/intercultural education for completely changing, enhancing, and improving my world view.

Can you appreciate your education as much as I can?