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Food Recovery Network

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I will never forget the experience of our biggest recovery yet: It was the Friday afternoon when everyone was leaving for break. The campus would be closed for two weeks, meaning no cafeteria operations, meaning there was going to be food left over. I had planned to make a recovery that day, but I would have never expected the amount of food that I was handed. Three tall carts of food loaded with boxes and boxes of fruit, vegetables, dairy products, and condiments. Rows and rows of pastas, meats, sides, and breakfast items. I was overwhelmed, exhilarated, and joyful to see how much food I was about to donate. But, I was under prepared and under the biggest time crunch. I recruited my friend with an SUV to help me package the food. All students had left at this point and the cafeteria staff was dwindling down. Thirty minutes into packaging, we understood just how big of an undertaking this was going to be. A supervisor volunteered to stay to wash all of our dishes and we packed and packed and packed and packed. After two hours, we loaded those carts back up with “grab and go” bags for the families at the pantry we donate to and loaded up the SUV. With food reaching from front to back, floor to ceiling, we traveled to the pantry, just as they were closing. Their fridges had never been fully stock, their shelves were overflowing. And the best part about it all, it came right in time so the families could have a secure meal for the holidays.



So let me remind you… it only takes one person to step up to plate to spark change. Just make that one sacrifice and give your time to help others. If you see the need for help, stop and help. All of your efforts will be making a difference in someone’s lives. The staff person that helped washed the dishes… his assistance gave us the necessary time to make the recovery before the pantry closed. My friend with his SUV… he is not even a student at my school. And myself… I had a million other things that needed to be done. But we each saw the need and chose to help. With our combined efforts, although we are just three people, we were able to donate the 200 pounds of food to over 100 families. Think about how many lives you are touching. How many individuals will not go hungry for the night. How much the world could change if we all chose to help.

Educational Experiences in Jamaica

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After a crazy journey of being hospitalized and missing the first part to my study abroad trip, I have made it to Jamaica. I have reached the half way point in my journey, and I now have very positive experiences I can write about and share with you. Let me tell you what I reflected on today as I taught in a 6th grade all boys class at Chetwood High School.



“Just as someone was explaining yesterday, people recognize specific talents within me that, I have been told, would make me an excellent teacher Despite these words, I have never actually considered teaching as a career. I have, however, recall countless times that I have found myself in a teacher-like role. None of those previous experiences can compare to the (only 11?) hours I have been in classrooms here. After feeling the exhilaration upon stepping foot into the 3rd grade classroom at Success, I wanted to know what it felt like to be a teacher- to feel the overwhelming desire to provide knowledge to the students, to feel my heart full. To feel as if bursting with pride when I watch such hard work come together like during a presentation. To feel the motivation to help the students when you recognize they are struggling. To smile with them, to laugh with them, to be confused with them. I have already felt all of these feelings and more. And ultimately, what has it taught me? I don’t plan on changing my major or jumping careers. But I do now have a better understanding of hose intensely fulfilling emotions that make teachers wake up every morning, work for 11 years straight without a vacation (Mr. Atkinson) and truly be the light of knowledge, wisdom, and hope for the future for all of their students. So thank you teachers for your endless efforts. I plan to always teach, in some way, shape, or form, so that I can keep that fire alive in my heart for as long as I can.”


New Year, New and Continued Resolutions

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I do not wait for a new year to start new resolutions. However, I will take the opportunity of a new semester to begin some new commitments and healthy habits. Here are a few of my resolutions, whether continued or new:

  1. Remain monogamous in my relationship. I am in a committed relationship, and although it is unconventional, I have committed to treat it otherwise. My commitment to my boyfriend is so much more a commitment to myself. I need to change my thinking: I don’t want to be looking at all men as a new opportunity for a relationship; I want to learn how to say no to dates; I want to be able to be clear with my intentions and not lead anyone on.
  2. Maintain sobriety. I made the choice to live a sober lifestyle on November 18th, 2015. I have made this decision before, but never really understood the importance of it. This time, its final.
  3. Take my medication regularly, on time.
  4. Plan to work out three times a week… and hopefully do more.
  5. Travel once a month. I have family in different areas I can always visit, I might as well make time to see them!
  6. Stick to my financial plan in order to start investing into my retirement plan by my 22nd birthday.
  7. Read my daily mediation books.
  8. Read at least one book a month, even if it is for school purposes.
  10. Wear my Fitbit everyday.
  11. Drink more water.
  12. Make a decision about Grad School.

Simple and to the point. I have already done most of these things, so it really is just about focusing on them for the new year. I think I will have trouble with number 6 the most, considering I want to fulfill number 5! What are your resolutions?

5 Reasons I’m Moving to Campus!

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It is my Senior Year, the last semester of my Senior Year to be exact. I am going on 22 years old, and as you may have read, have previously lived on my own before. Despite these factors, I am SO EXCITED TO MOVE TO CAMPUS!!! Seriously, this has been my dream ever since high school. My reasons for moving to campus, are not the common reasons I hear about. As I express in most of my posts, I do not want the typical college experience. I am not moving to campus to move away from my parents, to have more freedom, to party, or to have my own space. I am coming to campus for the following reasons:

  1. No Commuter Challenges- I will not have the constant struggle to find convenient parking or get stuck by the train and risk being late to class. I can spend late nights at the library or in class and not risk falling asleep behind the wheel driving home. I have flexible jobs so I can work from my dorm and not have to drive to five different towns in one day. I will save money on gas.
  2. Nearby Essentials– Too many times have I been stranded on campus when I needed a hoodie, have been uncomfortable in an outfit I was wearing, totally needed to shower, or forgot to put on deodorant… and now, it will all be right near by!! It will save me so much stress.
  3. Naps!– No longer will I have to take a quick nap in the Honors Lounge, Library, or my car. I’ve even tried to bribe my friends to let me crash in their dorm.
  4. Food– I love Chartwells food and I cannot wait to have access to it all the time (when it is open, of course) and for once not have to worry about finding enough food for myself!
  5. New Habits– A new environment is a perfect opportunity to start new habits. I can walk to the gym, get enough sleep, actually have a quiet place to study, and hopefully enforce healthy boundaries to balance my life!