5 Reasons I’m Moving to Campus!

It is my Senior Year, the last semester of my Senior Year to be exact. I am going on 22 years old, and as you may have read, have previously lived on my own before. Despite these factors, I am SO EXCITED TO MOVE TO CAMPUS!!! Seriously, this has been my dream ever since high school. My reasons for moving to campus, are not the common reasons I hear about. As I express in most of my posts, I do not want the typical college experience. I am not moving to campus to move away from my parents, to have more freedom, to party, or to have my own space. I am coming to campus for the following reasons:

  1. No Commuter Challenges- I will not have the constant struggle to find convenient parking or get stuck by the train and risk being late to class. I can spend late nights at the library or in class and not risk falling asleep behind the wheel driving home. I have flexible jobs so I can work from my dorm and not have to drive to five different towns in one day. I will save money on gas.
  2. Nearby Essentials– Too many times have I been stranded on campus when I needed a hoodie, have been uncomfortable in an outfit I was wearing, totally needed to shower, or forgot to put on deodorant… and now, it will all be right near by!! It will save me so much stress.
  3. Naps!– No longer will I have to take a quick nap in the Honors Lounge, Library, or my car. I’ve even tried to bribe my friends to let me crash in their dorm.
  4. Food– I love Chartwells food and I cannot wait to have access to it all the time (when it is open, of course) and for once not have to worry about finding enough food for myself!
  5. New Habits– A new environment is a perfect opportunity to start new habits. I can walk to the gym, get enough sleep, actually have a quiet place to study, and hopefully enforce healthy boundaries to balance my life!