New Year, New and Continued Resolutions

I do not wait for a new year to start new resolutions. However, I will take the opportunity of a new semester to begin some new commitments and healthy habits. Here are a few of my resolutions, whether continued or new:

  1. Remain monogamous in my relationship. I am in a committed relationship, and although it is unconventional, I have committed to treat it otherwise. My commitment to my boyfriend is so much more a commitment to myself. I need to change my thinking: I don’t want to be looking at all men as a new opportunity for a relationship; I want to learn how to say no to dates; I want to be able to be clear with my intentions and not lead anyone on.
  2. Maintain sobriety. I made the choice to live a sober lifestyle on November 18th, 2015. I have made this decision before, but never really understood the importance of it. This time, its final.
  3. Take my medication regularly, on time.
  4. Plan to work out three times a week… and hopefully do more.
  5. Travel once a month. I have family in different areas I can always visit, I might as well make time to see them!
  6. Stick to my financial plan in order to start investing into my retirement plan by my 22nd birthday.
  7. Read my daily mediation books.
  8. Read at least one book a month, even if it is for school purposes.
  10. Wear my Fitbit everyday.
  11. Drink more water.
  12. Make a decision about Grad School.

Simple and to the point. I have already done most of these things, so it really is just about focusing on them for the new year. I think I will have trouble with number 6 the most, considering I want to fulfill number 5! What are your resolutions?