Educational Experiences in Jamaica

After a crazy journey of being hospitalized and missing the first part to my study abroad trip, I have made it to Jamaica. I have reached the half way point in my journey, and I now have very positive experiences I can write about and share with you. Let me tell you what I reflected on today as I taught in a 6th grade all boys class at Chetwood High School.



“Just as someone was explaining yesterday, people recognize specific talents within me that, I have been told, would make me an excellent teacher Despite these words, I have never actually considered teaching as a career. I have, however, recall countless times that I have found myself in a teacher-like role. None of those previous experiences can compare to the (only 11?) hours I have been in classrooms here. After feeling the exhilaration upon stepping foot into the 3rd grade classroom at Success, I wanted to know what it felt like to be a teacher- to feel the overwhelming desire to provide knowledge to the students, to feel my heart full. To feel as if bursting with pride when I watch such hard work come together like during a presentation. To feel the motivation to help the students when you recognize they are struggling. To smile with them, to laugh with them, to be confused with them. I have already felt all of these feelings and more. And ultimately, what has it taught me? I don’t plan on changing my major or jumping careers. But I do now have a better understanding of hose intensely fulfilling emotions that make teachers wake up every morning, work for 11 years straight without a vacation (Mr. Atkinson) and truly be the light of knowledge, wisdom, and hope for the future for all of their students. So thank you teachers for your endless efforts. I plan to always teach, in some way, shape, or form, so that I can keep that fire alive in my heart for as long as I can.”