Tips, Tricks, and Things I Always Forget When Travelling

Tip #1: Going to a restaurant? Find out about a rewards program/app. That usually means free food or first-time discounts.

Geocache! Always gives you something to do and you never know what you may find.

Remember these:

  1. Shower shoes if a community shower.
  2. Pump hand soap. I hate those bars.
  3. A mirror. Small or big.
  4. Slippers. I can’t walk around in my sneakers everywhere.
  5. Umbrella.

Tip #2: Go digging. Open up drawers, open up doors. Find unknown areas of access.

Grocery stores with a deli will have utensils and small condiments.


Tip #3: Need a shower? Want a free workout? Sign up for a free day/week pass at a nearby gym.

Talk with locals. Have them write a message in your travel journal.

Tip #4: Take the stairs in the airport (yes, with luggage). It’s faster and a quick workout.

Need to get through security faster? Slip on shoes, no laptop, keep all little items in coat pocket, make liquids easily accessible, no belt… and look into TSA Precheck!