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Jamie at the Plaza

I ventured to SoCal, Southern California, or the OC, Orange County this month for the Active Minds National Conference. Instead of staying just for the conference, I decided I wanted to make a vacation out of it. It’s a long story… but I had a flight to Vegas I wasn’t able to go on during Labor Day, so I decided to pay the change flight fee and vacation to California. The conference took place in Irvine California, and our group was staying at the Hilton Costa Mesa (and shuttling to the conference). I had family about 20-30 minutes west in Long Beach, friends 2-3 hours northwest in Thousand Oaks, and friends about 40 – 60 minutes north in LA. Besides Read More »

Thank you, Elmhurst College

Although I plan to write an official thank you letter to the college when I graduate, here are a few things I took a moment to reflect on during the holiday break. I am thankful I found the non-profit organization, Active Minds, for several reasons. 1) I am able to continue improving my leadership abilities, 2) I found a close group of peers I can process with and can support me in times of need, 3) transform the campus and leave a lasting impact for students to come to feel comfortable in a more understanding, educated community, 3) the structure of this organization has inspired me to create my own similarly structured non-profit, 5) I was able to attend the annual Read More »

Halloween Night In

Dilemma solved! I did not have to come up with any clever costumes, nor did I have to spend anymore money that I do not have. I had plans to go to a costume contest up in Libertyville… but that is over an hour drive. I cancelled that plan because 1) I didn’t want to risk driving drunk/Uber would be too $$$ and 2) I would feel bad if I didn’t want to try to win a costume contest. Then I had a bonfire I was going to go to. Well, safe to say the hours of never-ending rain cancelled that. Next, my friend invited me to her new place out in Jefferson Park. As it turns out, she made Read More »

Halloween Dress-up Dilemma

Halloween costumes have become a BIG DEAL. Low on budget? Not a problem. DIY costumes are the biggest hit right now. What’s even better? Think of a very clever, obviously made-on-a-budget customer like the white t-shirt that says “Error 404: Custom not found.” I try not to buy my costume from the Halloween store. Last year I dressed up like the Morton Salt girl with a yellow dress I found at Goodwill and an umbrella. I also dressed up as Heidi from Tool Time on the show Home Improvement with my ex as Tim Allen and my brother as the neighbor Wilson- and carried around a hand-built fence the entire night. This year for Halloween, I keep putting of actually choosing Read More »

Jamie For Jamaica ’16

I have chosen to study abroad in Jamaica in January, 2016. Here is my philosophy behind studying abroad: I have chosen to study abroad because of the amount of time I will be working directly with members of a different culture. Intercultural communication is very important to me, hence why I am minoring in Communication Studies, and understanding intercultural communication will help in practically any business and/or personal situation I encounter. On this trip, I am not studying history and architecture, I am immersing myself in a culture. This international experience will better prepare me for global non-profit work, relating to my international studies minor. This relates to my future career aspiration of starting a non-profit organization that I wish Read More »

10 Interesting Commuter Challenges

Commuters share a very special bond at Elmhurst College. Sure, we can always complain about getting stuck by the train, walking from the tennis courts, or stalking people for their parking spot… but I am going to guess that we have even more challenges in common than you may think. I do have a slightly different daily schedule than other commuters (I will leave my house at around 7:30 am each morning, travel to and from activities, meetings, work, school, and eventually, more night classes to eventually return home at some point after 10pm or 2am if I want to go out). With that in mind, there are simple basic needs that I seem to have challenges fulfilling when commuting Read More »

Full-time work, full-time student?

As of recent, I hold many feelings of uneasiness or dissonance whenever I think about my last year at Elmhurst College. Why? Well… it has hardly anything to do with it being my last year at Elmhurst. These feelings all stem from my unknown work schedule. Currently, I am employed at several different jobs, so I have a couple of different options for the fall. However, something inside me is not letting me settle for these jobs. They are all part-time jobs I have had before. I guess what’s keeping me from committing to them is that I want something that pays more and will be closer to my career field. A large part of me wants to not worry Read More »

20 Reasons Why I Am Excited for the Fall

To see all of my friends I have not seen all summer! I think there is only 1 friend I made from Elmhurst that I have seen this summer… My days are always great when I see all of my friends around campus! New school supplies! I know a lot of people say this… but its so true. New notebooks, folders, binders…. hey, maybe I’ll even get some new pens! I start the semester with A’s! I have to stay motivated to maintain good grades throughout the semester. Maybe I should consider quitting some of my jobs as well… Beautiful weather. Fall is my favorite season. I am hoping it doesn’t get too cold too quickly considering the unusually cool Read More »

Leadershape 2015

Leadershape. What to say about Leadershape. Everyone I have ever talked to was never able to explain it. For some reason, I am able to explain it precisely. However, if you would like to know what Leadershape entails, please reach out to me. Otherwise, I am going to focus on two main things I learned during my experience:   1) Going against the grain. Never settle in a routine you are uncomfortable/unsatisfied with. Challenge yourself to be the best person you can be, the ideal version of yourself. Go against your normal behaviors or routines and try something different. I learned what it means to have “tact”. For me, it means being more cognizant and aware of my actions, words, Read More »


I do not need to complete an internship in order to graduate. For my major, Urban Studies, I am instead going to complete a Study Abroad opportunity. Because I am not getting college credit for an internship, I wanted to find one that was paid. Before I could do that, I realized I would have to quit some of my jobs first. I had been working with a non-profit organization for most of the semester in order to set something up. As it was nearing May, I was getting pretty nervous about finding paid internships over the summer. I reached out to a connection I had made earlier in the year to see if there was anything available. To my Read More »

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