An Introduction

Let’s start with the basics:


Hi, my name is Kristen Gravelin and I’m a first year student at Elmhurst College. Feel free to call me Dr. Gravelin. I’m an English Lit major and am pursuing a minor in Philosophy. I’m an Honors student and I live here on campus on the third floor of Schick, which is a part of Honors Living. I also work at the Fitness Center on campus, which is hilarious in that I am about the least physically active person you’ll ever meet, other than my daily treks to and from my dorm room, which are completely against my will and what I consider a college-sponsored form of abuse. I’ve been petitioning for a chair lift since I’ve moved in. (But I will say my calves have become pretty sculpted from sashaying up and down three flights of stairs on a daily basis.)  Anyway, stay tuned as the saga unfolds. Any other terribly interesting facts about me are conveniently located in the About Me section.


The “So What?” Factor


Yeah, it’s great to have a blog, but so what? What’s the purpose? Well, on this blog I’ll talk about my Elmhurst Experience and all the aspects of it that make it unique. I’ll talk about my classes, dorm life, the Honors Program, Honors Living, personal observations about campus, and just generally being An Actual College Student and the ups and downs that come with it. And hopefully by talking about all these things I can, at the least, make college seem way less scary (spoiler: college is actually not scary at all, just takes a little adjustment). And at the most, hopefully I can show prospective students how great Elmhurst College is (or just small liberal arts colleges in general, because, spoiler: they’re pretty great). In addition to providing an account of the remainder of my freshman year at Elmhurst College, I’d be willing to try my best to answer anyone’s burning questions. First year of college can be tough, but I’d say over half of it is knowing what to expect. The other half is embracing the unexpected.