I haven’t been home that long, but I’m already missing dorm life. Although I do love the convenience of not having to shower with shoes on and the freedom to turn my room into a disaster zone guilt-free, I feel a kind of homesickness (or, more appropriately, homeSchickness…an ode to my on-campus residence, Schick Hall).


It’s weird not being able to walk down the hall to laugh and hang out with my floormates. I miss walking to the library (the school and public both). I miss talking to my roommate at night and listening to her loud cackling when I tell a joke, and then having to shush her by mock-sternly informing her that it’s quiet hours. I even long for the now very familiar (and oddly comforting) picturesque view of the dumpsters from our window.


It’s weird to think that a place that was once so foreign to me has become a second home; a place I pine for when I’m away. It’s all the little things that combine and make it become the place I would almost rather be.