Unexpected Necessities

Dorm life is fantastic, and I 1000/10 recommend it. The new freedom, the new people, and new experiences it opens you up to are indescribably great. However, with great power comes great responsibility, especially since you’re basically on your own, at least concerning caring for yourself and your room. As I’ve grown adjusted to dorm life, I’ve picked up some new tricks to keeping a up a lovely household (okay, just one room, but I do consider it home).


1. White vinegar is a life saver

Honestly, its magical properties are renowned in terms of cleaning. It is hands down the best way to get rid of stains on a budget. It has saved me so much time (and precious, precious quarters) on laundry. Spilled coffee on the shirt I just put on? No problem, get a paper towel, soak it in white vinegar, and scrub. Works like a charm and only costs a few bucks (depending on the size of container).


2. Lint rollers forever

How did I ever live without one? They’re already great for the obvious, getting lint off of clothes. But they are also amazing for cleaning carpet squares, rectangles, or whatever other shape of carpet you have in your room. I will say, it is a little gross looking at the lint paper after you’ve rolled it on your carpet a few times, but oh so gratifying at the same time. It works best on a shag carpet, but the results are wonderful no matter what. I feel so accomplished when I marvel at the cleanliness of my remnant after taking a lint roller to it.


3. Never underestimate the power of plants

Okay, this isn’t really a necessity, but I love having a plant in my room. And since I’m about as nurturing as a desert, I typically favor cactuses. Especially during the winter, it’s nice to see something living and green nearby. They make great pets: they will always spend time with you, they’ll listen to your problems, and they depend on you and will believe in you no matter what. My current cactus, The Archduke, makes a wonderful companion, especially since I feed him my old coffee grounds on occasion. It makes me want to adopt another.


Overall, trying to make your dorm room a cleaner and more personal place makes it pleasant and somewhere you’d like to be and bring people to hang out in, rather than just the place you happen to sleep at. Besides, it’ll keep your roommate happy, and who can argue with that?