Just a Minor Problem

I began the year adamant that I was going to minor in philosophy. I already had credit from a local community college that I dual enrolled in. I love the subject because I’m a big fan of thinking, I do it almost every day. But my black hole of a heart was aching for history classes.


Disclaimer: I am on track to graduate a year early, so every class counts. I would totally double minor, but that would put me off track. And, let’s be honest, a double minor (or whatever you minor in, actually) doesn’t mean a whole lot in, what I’ve been told is called, the Real World. But I want to spend time studying what I am more interested in, especially since, like I said, every class counts for me.


So I was faced with a dilemma. Much like Bella Swan in the infamously terrible Twilight series, I had to choose between two great loves: philosophy and history. I had to weigh my options and have a long conversation with myself about what I really want to be studying and, in true Kristen fashion, the practicality of each subject in terms of my major. And from that list I made my decision: history. It not only is it my first love, but also it’s super old and probably stands over my bed and watches me sleep, to, I want to say, protect me(?). The point is, I ultimately decided that my passion for history outweighed my passion for philosophy. I feel terrible for leading philosophy on, but one day it might fall in love with the fetus that may at one point develop in my belly and… Okay, this has gone too far, analogy over.


Now  I was left with a minor problem (both in terms of changing my minor and the actual size of the problem). I was easily able to find a history class that fit perfectly into the timeslot of the philosophy class I originally signed up for fall term next year. Then I had to go to Goebel Hall to change my minor. This is honestly one of the easiest processes ever. I walked into the Advising Office and filled out the little white sheet and within a matter of days, it will be officially official!


So just remember that if you have a problem with your minor, odds are it’s a minor problem.