That Costume Crew Lyfe

This weekend I helped out one of my closest friends on campus in the costume shop for Mill Theatre’s upcoming musical Dames at Sea. She is an incredibly valuable asset for the costume shop, so naturally she brought me, a goofy world-class friend embarrasser with some hand sewing experience, probably to remind everyone how great she is.


Since I was (surprise) an exceedingly weird kid, I used to sew clothes for my stuffed animals. They were truly ghastly frayed garments that have fortunately been lost to the sands of time. Because, of course, I was forced to teach myself how to sew as to shield my eyes from my companions’ furry nakedness. Nonetheless, I was excited that this skill would be put to a non-creepy use.


I was started on helping sew sparkly trim on one of the dresses, which sounds pretty non-excruciating, right? Wrong. I spent three hours on this dress, sewing the trim on the cuffs, bottom hem, and neck. I stabbed myself innumerable times, mumbling some beautifully crafted expletives under my breath.


But all that said, I had a great time. Everyone there is so much fun, not to mention you get slap-happy after a little while, so everything becomes hilarious. I really regret not coming in and helping earlier, because although it is frustrating and very time consuming, there is a certain satisfaction in completing a project and knowing that you’ve done something that matters.


Photographic evidence of slap-happiness.

Photographic evidence of slap-happiness.

So when you go see Dames at Sea, (because, let’s be honest, you will because it’s amazing) I hope you look at those costumes and think of all the great people who spent countless hours putting all of them together.


Visit the Elmhurst College Mill Theatre web page for times and dates!