The Great Snowball Fight of 2015

Friday night marked the first snowfall of the year. And did it snow! Behemoth snowflakes suffocated campus in thick packing snow, and sometime around 11:30 PM, I got a text from one of my friends: “Head outside in 3 mins for a lightsaber duel. We at the mall.” Already warm in my bed relaxing after a day at my internship, I grumbled but still climbed out of my toasty cocoon to layer up to see this promised duel. I trudged outside to the center of campus to see utter mayhem: my friends smacking each other with lightsabers, the “Star Wars” theme blaring out of one of my friend’s phones, and snowballs flying in every direction all across the snowy expanse.

My friends take a break from fighting the good fight for a photo op.

See, it’s an Elmhurst College tradition for all students to assemble in the mall during the first substantial snow and have a snowball fight. This year was somehow my first year participating in this tradition and I had a great time! Since I had been in the city all day, I hadn’t seen any of my friends yet that day, so it was so much fun to run around in the snow with them and lob snowballs together, and occasionally at each other, and forget all our grown-up responsibilities.

The squad in front of Hammerschmidt Chapel

After we all became exhausted, we assembled at a campus house inhabited by a few members of the friend group and drank hot chocolate and talked for a couple hours. We joked around and reveled in the upcoming Thanksgiving break and commiserated about the week of Finals that was not too long to follow. Even though I initially had to convince myself to separate myself from the soft embrace of my blankets to join everyone outside, I am so glad that I did. Sometimes the best memories happen when you force yourself to leave your comfort zone, or at least your warm room.

Prettiest campus or PRETTIEST campus?