I’ve been excited to recently start working at Elmhurst College’s A.C. Buehler Library. I was hired as a Reference and Circulation Desk Librarian Student Worker. Although I have just begun my new position, I’d like to pass on some words of advice to help you navigate the library a little easier.


  1. Printers – So, you’re all logged on and you have that important paper to turn in in 15 minutes. You hit print and the next little window after it confirming that you’re printing and you dash over to one of the whirring behemoths to retrieve your work. But nothing is happening. You begin to sweat. “Where is my paper???” you ask yourself frantically. And I have your answer: Log on to one of the Print Release computers using the same enumber and password you used to log onto the computer you’re trying to print from. You should see your request right away and the name of the printer it will gracefully slide from and just click “Print.” Soon you’ll have that toasty paper in your hands and you can be off to class. Also, another word of advice, if you’re printing a big powerpoint or any other kind of big file, it’s going to take a little bit longer to print.
  2. Saving Files – “Last night I came in and saved my big important term paper, but now I’m back on the same computer and I can’t find it, what happened?” Well, unfortunately, that file is gone. Every night around midnight, the computers are all cleared. This prevents them from being clogged and operating at snail’s pace because they’re bogged down with about a million files from hundreds of students. My advice is to work on Goggle Docs or have a flash drive handy so your work is not only saved in another location, but has portability. now you can work on it anywhere!
  3. Fines – Okay, I am very very guilty of this. Even though I’m an aspiring librarian doesn’t mean that I have a great memory. I have racked up some fees of my own. To pay those overdue (or missing book) fines, mosey right up to the circulation desk and tell them you’re here to pay for your sins (or fines, whatever). The lovely student worker or staffed librarian at the desk will scan your JayPass and will be able to see how much you owe. It’s required to pay the amount of money in cash, so have your bills/coins at the ready. Then they’ll clear your fines and you can go on to live another day to incur more debt. P.S. It’s also important to note that you don’t have to pay all your fines at once, you can give a few bucks as you find them, just make sure your fees are paid by the end of the year!


And with that, you have the basics of the library down. The librarians on staff as well as the student workers are available at both the reference and circulation desks and are always more than willing to answer any more complicated questions about the library, any research you’re doing, and sometimes just where the bathrooms are.