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Oh boy, learning so much in pediatrics. First exam is days away!



On Friday, the Lizzadro Museum of Lapidary Art and the Elmhurst Art Museum are free to the public. They are located across the street from campus (may be mistaken as part of the college). My girlfriend and I had a wonderful time visiting these institutions.     After lunch at PieFive, we checked out the art displayed at Lizzadro. The art displayed were made from various gems, minerals, and stones such as nephrite, jasper, and amethyst. The lower level showed a map of the abundance of fossils found in Illinois!     Then in a sixty-degree weather in February we headed across Wilder Park to visit the Elmhurst Art Museum. It’s been over a year since I had visited and Read More »

Clinical Day Simulation

This semester, each clinical group are to have a simulation on one of the clinical days and my clinical group was the first to have a simulation in the simulation center. Deep vein thrombosis vs. pulmonary embolism and stroke vs. hypoglycemia were covered in the topics for that day. Each simulation was 20 minutes long and is a unique experience in my nursing education. Students are to complete “prep” work prior to the day of simulation, and all students has access to these. Experiences in the sim lab is kept private to maintain the integrity of the educational process in the respect to students who have yet had their simulation day (this blog continues to maintain integrity of the learning Read More »

Techniques for Nursing Content

In nursing school, there is a heavy-load of readings. Nursing students have to know new terms, best practice, and case studies! This semester I will be more efficient with my readings by implementing these techniques on reading a textbook. Gaze over the chapter title, headings, and subheadings to get a general idea of will be presented. Skip to the chapter summary to get more sense of the chapter Review chapter questions Inspect the vocabulary list even if each term is not immediately identified, to focus on the generally ideas Pay extra attention to images and diagrams while reading. More information could made out of them than simply words Begin reading! Review content after each paragraph and begin to piece together the entire concept Answer Read More »

First day of Clinical Rotations!

On my first day of clinical rotation I was on the fifth floor of Elmhurst Memorial Hospital. If you could imagine me, I was a nursing student with a fresh view of the clinical setting, saying hello to everyone – patient care technicians, nurses, medical doctors, transporters, radiologist, and speech therapists! On the first day I got to view a video swallow! On the first day I gave a subcutaneous injection! On the first day I entered an isolation room!   After I reflected on the first day, I learned that it’s not that I don’t know what I need to be able to perform – it’s that I need to focus what I already know and expand by being present Read More »

A New Perspective

It’s my third year in Elmhurst College and I have reminded myself to view every semester with new challenges, friendships, and opportunities.

Year Three

I am in my third year of college, which is a big year for nursing! This is the time nursing students hone skills to care for awaiting patients in clinical settings. This semester I am placed in Elmhurst Memorial Hospital – a magnet hospital! The course, both lecture and lab portions, is fast-paced. Within the first three days of classes, two quizzes have been held! Nursing is challenging yet intellectually and physically stimulation. This is what I attend college for! To become the best professionally trained student nurse!   Aside from an extensive three weeks of nursing classwork and simulation lab time, my year starts off differently because I have been thinking a lot about relationships.   I didn’t want my Read More »

My Nursing Experience

My nursing experience is ongoing. On Thursday, March 5th the Diecke Center for Nursing and Health Sciences welcomed, me and the nursing class of 2017, in a ceremony. The class of 2017 was dressed spectacularly while the classes of 2015 and 2016 sat in the rows behind. As effective as the ceremony was, this is just one aspect of my early experiences my nursing education. I am pleased with the simulation lab located in the lower level of Elmhurst Memorial Hospital. It is equipped with advanced technology and more spacious than when the SimLab was located on campus. Having the SimLab inside an outstanding hospital provides the inching feeling of being able to soon work in a grandeur setting.   Read More »

El Salvador: Habitat for Humanity

I think everyone in college should have an abroad experience because it’s well worth your time. If you’ve ever considered how to develop as adult, having a study away experience is one way to explore the rest of the world. I wanted to look back in my college years and feel like I have gone somewhere else, abroad, other than work-and-study.   From Jan 4 – 15 of 2015, I was part a service experience with Habitat for Humanity and Global Village in El Salvador. We built a house for a family, learned the history of the country through many museums and people, and did a little R&R in between. I love the team I was with, I love the Read More »

AP Courses Saves!

What would have happened if I had taken all AP courses available to me in high school? I would have more flexibility in my college studies!

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