Think Twice Before You Swipe (Your Jaypass)!

For residence students, it is often hard to keep track of how much is spent on meals because food money is placed on our jaypass and a swipe is all it takes to purchase a meal. Commuter students however are not required to have a meal plan and as a commuter I usually use my debit card to purchase food from the cafeteria. I am aware of the amount of money I spend in the cafeteria and the Bluejays’ Roost. Don’t get me wrong, I like Chartwells because they provide great tasting food compared to other college campuses, but I don’t plan on spending $8.00+ every time I eat on campus. For those on board, here are some wisdom I have gathered to save money on food!


1. Try the Salad Bar! Because you pay by weight, you control how much you will pay. But if you eat salad everyday, you’re going to get bored!

2. Try the Sandwiches! You can purchase satisfying sandwiches for around five bucks. But you might have to wait in line before you can enjoy one!

3. Eat Out! There’s a lot of restaurants in downtown Elmhurst that are a five-minute walk from campus like Chipotle and Meatheads!

4. Attend Events! A lot of events on campus offer free food and sometimes full meals. You might have to R.S.V.P. to some!

5. Bring Lunch from Home! If you’re a commuter, wouldn’t it be nice to brag about your mom’s special cuisines? -Or if you’re a residential student you can make your own lunch after you’ve visited the nearby Kmart or Jewel Osco!

6. Ask Your Friends! Jaypass money does not roll over to the following semester so if your friends have plenty of money left in their jaypass by the end of the semester tell them to not waste their money and instead be nice and spend it on you!

7. Purchase Only the Sides! When you only purchase two sides without an entrée, you’ll be served more of the sides to fill up more of the plate space!

8. $5 Meal Challenge! I’m currently looking more to what Chartwell’s $5 Meal Challenge, I hope it is what is advertised!


Be sure to experiment on your food experience because even though it’s only my first semester of college, I am always looking forward on new ways to spend my time and money. If anything else comes up, I’ll post it in the future.