First Year Seminar: Local Choices, Global Effects

Did you know that the college has a 5 – year sustainability plan?
This is why I love Elmhurst College.
There are a lot more things that the college does to attain a environmental friendly community.
Sustainability is an issue in the world and Elmhurst College is a leading example of sustainable living.


The first year seminar course Local Choices, Global Effects,  focuses on sustainable living and tackles three main units: Food, Waste and Energy. The first part  “Local Choices” can refer to the college campus. The class is spear-headed by sustainability committee member, Gurram Gopal and the Office of Residential Life Coordinator, Christine Smith.


I used to think sustainable living was like an IPhone – It’s really cool but unnecessary. Because people have access to limited resources, it’s important for individuals, communities – the world – to be conscious of their influence to the environment.


For the energy unit of the course, we visited the first environmental friendly building in the city of Elmhurst – West Hall. Fun facts about West Hall:



Cool stuff, but to go green doesn’t just mean one has to build an award-winning hall. When we visited the boiler room, we were given tips to save energy on campus. When you feel that your residence hall is too hot, call the boiler room to lower your temperature. A system in the boiler room can check the temperature of any room, at any building, at any time. Do not just open the window because all the energy spent on heating the room will go out the window. After hearing the amount of money the college (essentially you, the students) pays for the annual electric and heating costs – you’ll want to do everything you can to “go green” and to save energy.