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Creative Dramatics

Posted on: January 28th, 2014 by sandbox 1 Comment

It was an excellent choice enrolling in Creative Drama (Theater-320) for J-term.


When people ask me about the class, I often respond that the class engages in a plethora of activities.

It suffices the 300-level and fine arts requirement. Of course the class still consists of the assignments

such as daily journals, a research paper and group work, all culminating to a personal resource portfolio.


At first, it seemed that we were just playing games. But each game has a purpose that contributes

to the drama-theater goals, developmental goals, and leadership. What I love most about the course is

that it constantly challenges each student to make connections with the mentioned goals to their field of study

whether it is in the health professions, social justice, or education.

The month long course prepares the class to host approximately 60 third grade students in a day filled with fun learning activities.


It is true that your J-term will allow you to take courses and meet people you would not have otherwise in your major’s curriculum.

There have been guest artists that led workshops for the class…one was Elmhurst College Alumni, Michael Monoccio
and the other was a student in the class, Britnee Ruscitti who graduated from Illinois Wesleyan University.

Even if you are not a theater major or a theater-education major, you will appreciate everythingthe course offers.

Enjoy and have fun!