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Should You Start Studying For Your Final Now?

Posted on: April 17th, 2014 by sandbox 1 Comment

As of April 16th 2014, there are 35 days left until my first final exam. I have always struggled in comprehensive final exams. I realized it is impossible to recuperate materials learned in 16 weeks (multiply all that information by 4 for four courses). Spring break ended two weeks ago and results from second exams were returned a little more than a week ago, but I feel that it is just the right time to start going over the contents of the first six chapters.


I’m probably going to study during any free time I have after this week. I will study the materials for the next exams at the same time as reviewing materials from the start of the semester. It is something I have not done before but I think would be beneficial. I will try to meet up with some friends and form study groups in the coming weeks. I have learned to study for each class and each exam in those classes differently. Often I find it helpful to learn materials through various mediums like YouTube, Khan Academy, diagrams, other professors, and classmates. Each source provides a new perspective on the same material. Send me an e-mail if you have a good study method and I will bring it up on a future post!


First-Second Semester

Posted on: April 8th, 2014 by sandbox 1 Comment

There is a difference in the way I approached my first and second semester. In my first semester of college, I was all about making connections. Big Questions and First Year Seminar bombarded every freshman all Elmhurst had to offer. In Big Questions, students are meeting more than 500 new faces and interacting with most of them during activities, residence hall meetings, and break time. It’s hard not to make a network of friends right away and start expanding. Even after Big Questions, several programs of the college like the Center for Professional Excellence, the Niebuhr Center, and the Patterson Center for the Health Professions keeps in contact with students for opportunities to heighten your college experience and accolades. Like a curious student, I looked into the mission statement of each center and what they had to offer. However, my involvement with several co-curricular activities also became my downfall in receiving a less-than-desired GPA.


My objective for second semester was to prioritize the sole purpose of my being in college – succeed academically and earn a degree. I have narrowed my priorities to one co-curricular activity (Student Government Association) and attending limited events on campus. I also realized that to stand out to employers I needed to gain work experience and sought out a job at my local Panda Express. Focusing on academics doesn’t equal limiting my acquaintances. Since Elmhurst College is a small college, I constantly pass by friends and club members. Some of the things that helped me realign with my goals is by making deadlines. There was a countdown app that reminds me every day how many days until an exam, events, and the end of the semester. Thinking of the bigger picture college will only be a short four years so focusing on my time on the things that matter is what really counts.