AP Courses Saves!

What would have happened if I had taken all AP courses available to me in high school? I would have more flexibility in my college studies!

Had I taken AP U.S. History, I would not have to worry about fulfilling the history requirement in college, that would costs me more money than AP U.S. History. Earning a passing score in all five AP courses in the span of my four years in high school aided in the inclusion of a minor study in the midst of a rigid nursing curriculum (which is tough to do, unless it’s a minor in psychology).


I recommend all prospective high school students to enroll in your high school’s AP courses and take the AP exam. All of my AP credit was accepted by Elmhurst College which allowed me to explore a minor study. My AP exams costed me $89 each but this amount is significantly less than a college course. Even though AP courses in high school may seem like a lot of disadvantaging work, your future self will thank you for it!