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El Salvador: Habitat for Humanity

Posted on: January 21st, 2015 by sandbox No Comments

I think everyone in college should have an abroad experience because it’s well worth your time. If you’ve ever considered how to develop as adult, having a study away experience is one way to explore the rest of the world. I wanted to look back in my college years and feel like I have gone somewhere else, abroad, other than work-and-study.


From Jan 4 – 15 of 2015, I was part a service experience with Habitat for Humanity and Global Village in El Salvador. We built a house for a family, learned the history of the country through many museums and people, and did a little R&R in between. I love the team I was with, I love the cold and precipitation-free weather, I love the carefree feeling of not having to think about what I’m going to have for my next meal, driving, or any part-time job.


I would love to go one more trips but: (1) it is expensive; (2) my nursing curriculum almost doesn’t allow for anymore study abroad trips (3) It takes a lot of effort to prepare. But please do your future self a favor and study away – even if it is a service experience like Habitat for Humanity. You won’t regret it!